Located in the state of Haryana, Ambala city is quite an amazing place to explore with your loved ones. This is the kind of city that offers tourists with the right concoction of everything ranging from food, culture, clothing to incredible travel getaways. 

And if we look from a geographical point of view then, the city of Ambala has got two sub-areas which are Ambala Cantonment and the Ambala city. In fact, these cities are less than a kilometre apart, therefore, they are also known as the Twin Cities. Moreover, the Ambala district plays a vital role in increasing local tourism activities. This is majorly because the urban life of this place is just too good to resist.

For the people who love history and are fond of travelling cannot resist falling in love with Ambala. The energetic vibe of this town, along with the delicious food and immense shopping options, offers every reason for tourists to visit the town of Ambala. 

Best Time to Visit Ambala

The best time to visit Ambala is the months between October and November. During this time the overall climatic conditions are good for travelling and sightseeing. 

History of Ambala

The district of Ambala has a very rich history. Firstly, the name of this place has been derived from Amba Rajput who is said to have found the place in 14th Century BCE. And another version of this story says that this place was named after Goddess Bhawani Amba. Going back in time in the 7th century, this place was also a part of Suknatha Janpada. 

In 1192, Muslim invader Mahmud of Ghazni defeated Prithvi Raj Chauhan and took over this district and, then began the deteriorating era for mankind which lasted for a couple of hundred years.

Then under the Muslim rule, this district formed an essential part of the Kutab-Bin-Abak empire. It also witnessed the invasion of Timur around 1450. In history, it is specifically mentioned that the palaces of Ambala were the part of Sirhind of Delhi Suba. And after the death of one of the last Mughal rulers, various forces rose to retaliate and rebel to gain political control.

It is said that Banda Bahadur who was also a disciple of Guru Gobind Singh launched a ferocious attack on the Ambala area. And after Banda, a man named Khidmat, who was a Mughal official, ruled the Ambala Territory till 1739.

It was only after slaying the Abdali Governor that the Sikhs were able to come in power and gain control over the territory. Then in the revolt of 1857, this place also became a military depot for the rebels.

Major Attractions in and Around Ambala

1. Rani Ka Talab

The Rani Ka Talab is a 400-year-old (approx) historic scenic pond which is located in the Ambala Cantt. Moreover, there is Anand Market, Halwai Bazaar around this place where you can hope to travel around and perhaps click some good photographs. 

2. Bhawani Amba Temple

According to the beliefs of people, the name of this temple has been derived from the name of the Goddess Amba. It’s an ancient temple and has been there for a very long period of time. Here, you can see a great number of devotees visiting this temple.

3. Saint Paul’s Church

This is one of the oldest churches in the region. The Saint Paul Church was established in 1857. What’s intriguing is the fact that this place was bombed during the 1965 Indo-Pak war and as an unfortunate result, the church was destroyed. As of today, only a single church tower remains.

4. Gurudwara Sri Panjokhra Sahib

This Gurudwara is dedicated to the eighth Guru Sri Harkrishan Sahib Ji. The spiritual vibe of this place is out and out amazing to experience. While travelling to Ambala, you should definitely give a visit to this Gurudwara. 

5. Maharaja Agrasen Chowk

Maharaja Agrasen Chowk is one of the main landmarks of the Ambala city. And in close proximity to the Chowk, there lies a wonderful park. The children won't be able to resist this park and the adults too will really like the vibe of the park due to its lush greenery and serene environment.

How to Reach Ambala

Ambala is quite a gorgeous place to explore in India. It is situated at an approximate distance of 200, 1,613, 1,724, and 2,376 km from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru respectively. Here is how you can reach Ambala following the below-mentioned routes. 

By Air

The city of Ambala doesn’t have an airport. The nearest airport is Chandigarh International Airport (IXC) and after deboarding the flight you will need to get a cab or some other means of transportation to reach your desired destination in the city. 

Here is a list of Indian cities from where flights are available to Ambala

By Train

The overall connectivity via train routes to Ambala is quite good as it's well connected with some of the major cities. Thus, travelling by train can be a good option for you. The nearest railway station is Dhulkot. After deboarding the train, you would need to catch a cab or some other means of transportation to reach your desired place in the city. 

By Road

You can easily travel to Ambala via road networks. Tourists can reach Ambala from major and nearby cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, etc. You can consider taking the road routes via NH 44, NH 52, NH 19. For travelling, you can book a private or interstate bus or hire a cab. Otherwise, you can also consider taking your own vehicle. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Ambala

Q: Where is Ambala located?
A: Ambala is located in the state of Haryana, in northern India.

Q: What are some popular tourist attractions in Ambala?
A: Some popular tourist attractions in Ambala include Ambala Cantonment, Ambala City Park, and Kali Mata Temple. 

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