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Waterfalls Near Maihar

16 Famous Waterfalls Near Maihar You Must Visit

Unearth the splendor of the best waterfalls near Maihar, where nature's grandeur awaits. The towering "Rani Durgavati Falls" stands out, plunging an impressive 98 meters. These waterfalls captivate with their raw power and provide a rejuvenating escape from everyday life. Join us to discover these awe-inspiring natural wonders amidst the verdant landscapes near Maihar, where adventure and tranquillity harmoniously coexist.

List of Top 16 Best Waterfalls Near Maihar

Experience the enchanting allure of the best waterfalls near Maihar, offering a refreshing and rejuvenating escape in the heart of nature's splendor.

  • Pannikhoh Waterfall | Rushing Cascade
  • Rampur Waterfall | Picturesque Plunge
  • Amdari Waterfall | Nature's Delight
  • Darwai Waterfall | Refreshing Retreat
  • Khamhariya Waterfall | Verdant Torrent
  • Panihai Waterfall | Serene Cascade
  • Jhajhaua Waterfall | Pristine Fall
  • Dhuandhar Waterfall | Majestic Cascade
  • Bardi Waterfall | Lush Cascade
  • Purwa Waterfall | Tranquil Torrent
  • Marha Waterfall | Enchanting Fall
  • Pandav Caves & Fall | Rustic Cascade
  • Raneh Waterfall | Exquisite Plunge
  • Satdhara Waterfall | Scenic Torrent
  • Basudha Waterfall | Natural Beauty
  • Panni Waterfall | Crystal Cascade

1. Pannikhoh Waterfall | Rushing Cascade

If you're looking for the best hiking trails to waterfalls near Maihar, don't miss the majestic Pannikhoh Waterfall. It's easily accessible, making it a perfect day trip. This scenic spot offers great views, and you can also find nearby hotels with waterfall views for a comfortable stay.

  • Distance From City: 14.4 km
  • Nearby Attractions: Explore the nearby scenic beauty of Maihar town, including the famous Maihar Temple.

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2. Rampur Waterfall | Picturesque Plunge

Located near Maihar, Rampur Waterfall is a stunning natural attraction. You can reach it easily, making it a top choice for a Maihar waterfall day trip. It's one of the best hiking trails to waterfalls near Maihar, offering a peaceful natural retreat.

  • Distance From City: 10.8 km
  • Nearby Attractions: Visit the historic Maihar Fort and the ancient Kalika Mata Temple.

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3. Amdari Waterfall | Nature's Delight

Are you exploring natural beauty near Maihar? Amdari Waterfall, an unexplored gem and scenic picnic spot accessible from Maihar, beckons. Travel on a day trip to this captivating waterfall and the nearby scenic picnic spots. It's ideal for those seeking to discover the natural wonders near Maihar and its amazing surroundings. Learning about this majestic waterfall near Maihar adds to the allure of your journey.

  • Distance From City: 10.3 km
  • Nearby Attractions: Discover the natural charm of the nearby forests and take a trip to the picturesque village of Amdari.

4. Darwai Waterfall | Refreshing Retreat

Darwai Waterfall near Maihar is an excellent choice for a Maihar waterfall day trip. It's easily accessible and ideal for families and nature lovers. Discover the beauty of this waterfall while enjoying a scenic picnic. This majestic waterfall near Maihar offers an unforgettable experience, making it one of the best destinations for exploring natural beauty and scenic picnic spots near Maihar waterfalls.

  • Distance From City: 36.4 km
  • Nearby Attractions: Explore the lush greenery of the surrounding forests and enjoy a serene picnic.

5. Khamhariya Waterfall | Verdant Torrent

Discover the best hiking trails to waterfalls near Maihar at Khamhariya Waterfall. Situated near Maihar, it's a must-visit destination. Easily accessible, this natural wonder offers a peaceful escape into nature. With picturesque paths and soothing surroundings, it's ideal for a day trip. Whether you're an avid hiker or seeking a refreshing outdoor experience, Khamhariya Waterfall promises a memorable journey amidst the majestic waterfall and natural beauty.

  • Distance From City: 37.3 km
  • Nearby Attractions: Head to Maihar to visit attractions like the Maihar Temple and Maihar Fort.

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6. Panihai Waterfall | Serene Cascade

Explore the natural beauty near Maihar by visiting Panihai Waterfall. It's a short trip from Maihar, offering the best hiking trails and a refreshing day of picnicking. Discover the enchanting beauty of this majestic waterfall near Maihar, making it an ideal choice for those seeking to explore the natural wonders and scenic picnic spots near Maihar waterfalls.

  • Distance From City: 36.6 km
  • Nearby Attractions: Visit the nearby Narsinghgarh Fort and Narsinghgarh Temple.

7. Jhajhaua Waterfall | Pristine Fall