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10 Famous Waterfall In Idaho You Must Visit 2024

10 Famous Waterfall In Idaho You Must Visit 2024

Located in the Northwest of The United States of America lies its 14th largest state, Idaho. Though Idaho is popular for several things, such as Potatoes, Huckleberries, Gems, Wilderness, and Scenic Mountains, one thing distinguishing it from other states is the waterfalls.

Thanks to the Snake River that plunges into several waterfalls in the south, Idaho should be on the bucket list of those who like to view the power of gravity over water and its melodies. Here is a brief overview of the best waterfalls in Idaho.

List Of 10 Best Waterfalls In Idaho

The best waterfalls in Idaho primarily flow in the South from Boise to the Wyoming border. So, exploring them will require you to visit cities like Twin Falls and Thousand Springs State Park. Let’s get onto them without any further ado!

  • Shoshone Falls, Idaho | Niagara of the West
  • Perrine-Coulee Falls | Runs Year Round
  • Fall Creek Falls | Steep and Slick Path
  • Cauldron Linn | The Star Falls
  • Jump Creek Falls | The Poison Ivy
  • Mesa Falls | The Wildest One
  • Moyie Falls | Best in Springs
  • Elk Creek Falls | Waterfall with a Campground
  • Ritter Island Waterfall | The Artificial Waterfall
  • Upper Salmon Falls | The Picturesque Spot!

1. Shoshone Falls, Idaho | Niagara of the West

As the name suggests, the waterfall is known as the Niagra of the West and is fed by the Snake River. Falling from a height of 212 feet, the Shoshone Falls provides a stunning view to the viewers from the vantage point.

If you are planning a trip, make sure that you come in the Spring and not in the Fall season. As water from this fall is diverted for irrigation purposes, it may run dry, but in the spring, the view of the flowing water is mesmerising. You may also get to see a beautiful rainbow created in the mist at midday time if you are lucky.

  • Location: 4155 Shoshone Falls Grade, Twin Falls
  • Fee: Free Entry

2. Perrine-Coulee Falls | Runs Year Round

Elaborated by its subtitle, the Perrine-Coulee Falls is a year-round running waterfall, thanks to the agricultural runoff. Falling from a height of 200 feet, the grace of this waterfall can be observed from two vantage points.

You can take the path above the waterfall via the Snake River Canyon Trail. Besides the beautiful view of the falls, you can view the surrounding green valley and other cultural attractions. The other way is to take the two-mile hike from the road of the Centennial Waterfront Park. This round-trip hike will take you behind the waterfall, where you may feel the mist on a windy day.

  • Location: Outside of Centennial Waterfront Park
  • Fee: Free Entry

3. Fall Creek Falls | Steep and Slick Path

If you are looking for the most scenic and impressive waterfall in Idaho, nothing beats this one. Looking at the Fall Creek Falls, it will seem like the water is breaking down into several streams, but it finally collects in the Snake River below. It has a brilliant backdrop, but there needs to be proper platforms or safeguards in the viewing area.

If you want to go down to see the waterfall, you must be very careful, as the path is steep and slick. The overall height of the waterfall is 60 feet.

  • Location: Border of the Caribou-Targhee National Forest
  • Fee: Free Entry

4. Cauldron Linn | The Star Falls

If you think that the Cauldron Linn is one waterfall, you are mistaken. The Cauldron Linn is a 40-foot slot that has several rapidly flowing waterfalls. These rapidly flowing waterfalls create a vast yet intriguing pool in the stunning remote environment worth the view.

The waterfalls have the best and most powerful flow in the springs. And just like the previous waterfall, this one also needs to include proper platforms and guardrails. So, if you have a high-clearance vehicle, it will work in your favour. Moreover, exercise caution while going down to the base of the falls as it is a steep path.

  • Location: The Snake River in Jerome County
  • Fee: Free Entry

5. Jump Creek Falls | The Poison Ivy

If you love photographs, then this falls is the ideal one for you, and it ranks among the Top photography spots at Idaho Waterfalls. The Jump Creek Falls is easily accessible via a half-mile hike, which is well-trodden, easy to follow, and fit for all ages.

The skinny and long waterfall falls from a height of 60 feet and gathers in a pool at its base. This location is best to cool down during the summers and is ideal for visiting in the early springs. Here is the advice for hikers! Beware of the poison ivy.

  • Location: The Snake River in Jerome County
  • Fee: Free Entry

6. Mesa Falls | The Wildest One

Exploring Idaho's Waterfall Trails will take you to the wildest waterfalls in Idaho. Mesa Falls, a combination of two falls, the upper and the lower, provides stunning views and is located in Eastern Idaho, near Ashton.

Both of these waterfalls are easily accessible by the Mesa Falls Scenic Byway and are just an hour away from Yellowstone National Park. The waterfall falls from a massive height of 100 feet and has Big Falls Inn nearby, which is currently the visitor’s centre.

Visitors can learn about the geological and cultural history, whereas hikers can take the one-mile Mesa Falls Nature Trail from the visitor’s centre.

  • Location: Ashton, Idaho
  • Fee: Free Entry

7. Moyie Falls | Best in Springs

Make sure to distinguish this fall from that in British Columbia. They have the same name, but this one is a true natural spectacle to witness. Fed by the Moyie River, the waterfall plummets from 100 feet and hits the canyon below.

When you are here, there are several vantage points to witness the beauty of the multi-tier waterfall. However, it is best to arrive in the springs. The waterfall is accessible via a safe driving path, parking, and easy-to-access viewing points. So, in short, it will be a remarkable experience for you.

  • Location: Near Bonners Ferry in Boundary County
  • Fee: Free Entry

8. Elk Creek Falls | Waterfall with a Campground