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15 Most Famous Temples In Coimbatore

16 Famous Temples In Coimbatore You Must Visit In 2024

Coimbatore, the "Manchester of South India ", is located at the banks of River Noyyal, meandering through the lap of verdant Western Ghats. The city is famous for its industries and factories. Besides its industrial significance, Coimbatore is known for its rich cultural and religious legacy. Located in Tamil Nadu, this lively city is peppered with ancient temples that exhibit unique architectural styles, intricate designs and age-old customs. Below is an overview of some must-visit temples in Coimbatore, each steeped in historical and architectural grandeur.

Visitors from different parts of the country visit and explore these temples. If you are planning a trip to this culturally renowned city, find time to immerse yourself in the Hindu traditions deeply rooted in the city's cultural and spiritual framework. Your search for "temples near me in Coimbatore" will throw a lot of options. Here, we bring you a well-curated list of magnificent temples in the city that will leave you awestruck with its sheer beauty and brilliance.  

List Of 16 Best Temples In Coimbatore 

The temples in Coimbatore, with their architectural grandeur and historical significance, also provide a sense of solace to the residents. In the midst of the city's bustling life, these sacred places offer moments of tranquillity, allowing one to reflect and find inner peace.

  • Sidhapudur Sree Ayyappa Temple | Abode of Lord Ayyappa

  •  Sri Jayamangala Anjaneyar Thirukoil | An Architectural Marvel
  • Marudhamalai Murugan Temple | Temple of Lord Murugan
  • Eachanari Vinayagar Temple | The Largest Statue of Lord Vinayagar
  • Dhyanalinga Temple | A Meditation Retreat
  • Koniamman Temple | Site of the Famous Car Festival
  • Perur Pateeswarar Temple | An Architectural Masterpiece
  • Sri Jayamangala Anjaneyar Thirukoil | Built in Krishna Deva Raya Reign
  •  Arulmigu Maruthamalai Murugan Temple | Blend of History & Spirituality
  • Thirumoorthy Malai Temple | The Kailash of the South
  • Arulmigu Avinashi Lingeshwarar Temple | Where Divinity Meets Devotion
  • Palamalai Ranganathar Temple | Ascending to Spiritual Heights
  • Naga Sai Mandir | Nurturing Faith, Embracing Blessings
  • Kurunthamalai Kuzhandhai Velayutha Swami Temple | Sacred Sanctuary of Serenity
  • Kottai-Easwaran Temple | Echoes of Eternal Devotion
  •  Thirumoorthy Malai Temple | Journey to Divine Bliss

1. Sidhapudur Sree Ayyappa Temple | Abode of Lord Ayyappa

One of the most famous temples in Coimbatore, Sidhapudur Sree Ayyappa Temple, is dedicated to Lord Ayyappa. According to popular beliefs, the temple was established in the mid-20th century by a trust known as Sri Dharma Sastha Bhakta Jana Sabha. Its sloping roof, unlike the ornate pyramidal towers found in Hindu shrines in Tamil Nadu, reflecting Kerala architecture, sets it apart. The Sree Ayyappa Temple garners attention during the Sabarimala Pilgrimage, attracting pilgrims who come here for a stay.

  • Dedicated To- Lord Ayyappa
  • Address- New Siddhapudur
  • Timings. 5 am to 11 am and 5 pm to 0 pm
  • Entry- Free Entry
  • Distance from Coimbatore Junction. 3 km

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2. Sri Jayamangala Anjaneyar Thirukoli | An Architectural Marvel

Sri Jayamangala Anjaneyar Temple is considered one of the temples built during the reign of Krishna Deva Raya. It contains a statue of Lord Anjaneyar sculpted by Vyasa Raya from a single monolithic rock. The temple was constructed in 2003, featuring a 36-foot statue of Hanuman sculpted from a 150-ton rock. Even before its construction, locals claim that the area of Panchavadi has been associated with spirituality for decades. Additionally, a towering 118-foot structure now stands over the sanctum of the deity. The temple architecture showcases the style of Krishna Deva Raya's era, making it one of the best temples in Coimbatore. Lord Shiva, Hanuman, and Ganesha are the other deities revered at this temple.

  • Dedicated To- Lord Anjaneyar
  • Address- Idukampalayam
  • Timings- 5 am to 9 pm
  • Entry- Free Entry
  • Distance from Coimbatore Junction- 44.5 km

3. Marudhamalai Murugan Temple | Temple of Lord Murugan

The Marudhamalai Temple is at the top of the list of Coimbatore temples because of its spiritual and architectural significance. Situated atop a hill in Coimbatore, it is a prominent temple dedicated to Lord Murugan, the deity of War and Victory. With its roots, distinctive architecture and spiritual importance, this temple houses various shrines honouring gods such as Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

Inside the sanctum lies the manifested idol of Lord Murugan. Pilgrims climb 837 steps as a form of penance to reach the temple sanctum. One of its features is the impressive 180-meter-tall gopuram embellished with carvings and sculptures. The Marudhamalai Temple holds a place in the hearts of devotees who flock there in numbers, particularly during the Thaipusam festival. It is a testament to Tamil Nadus heritage and represents reverence, faith and spirituality for countless generations of worshippers.

  • Dedicated To- Lord Murugan
  • Address- Marudhamalai Adivaram
  • Timings - 6 am to 1 pm and 4 pm to 7 pm
  • Entry - Free Entry
  • Distance from Coimbatore Junction - 15 km

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4. Eachanari Vinayagar Temple | The Largest Statue of Lord Vinayagar

The Eachanari Vinayagar Temple is dedicated to Vighnaharta, Lord Ganesha. This religious site is renowned for its statue of Lord Vinayagar, which is believed to be among the largest in Asia. Situated around 12 kilometres away from Coimbatore city, the temple boasts a design adorned with intricate sculptures and colourful paintings. The temple goes back to ancient times, with a legend surrounding the idol of Lord Vinayagar being described as "swayambu", signifying its self-manifestation. Visitors frequent the temple to seek blessings, success, prosperity, and assistance in overcoming obstacles.

  • Dedicated To - Lord Ganesha
  • Address - Eachanari
  • Timings - 5 am to 10 pm
  • Entry - Free Entry
  • Distance from Coimbatore Junction - 6 km

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5. Dhyanalinga Temple | A Meditation Retreat

The Dhyanalinga Temple must be on your list of temples to visit in Coimbatore. Nestled in the Velliangiri Mountains, this temple beckons seekers of all beliefs. In contrast to Hindu temples, it does not venerate any deity or faith. At its core lies the Dhyanalinga, a symbol that beckons visitors to embrace tranquillity and inner peace. Encircled by beautiful natural surroundings, this biggest temple in Coimbatore provides a setting ideal for contemplation and mindfulness. Guests can engage in yoga and meditation programs offered by the Isha Foundation.

  • Dedicated To - Lord Shiva
  • Address - Isha Yoga Centre
  • Timings - 6 am to 8 pm
  • Entry - Free Entry
  • Distance from Coimbatore Junction- 30.7 km

6. Koniamman Temple | Site of the Famous Car Festival