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12 Famous Places To Visit In Toronto

12 Famous Places To Visit In Toronto | Best Tourist places

For travel aficionados who love chilly weather, Canada is the top choice. But if you would like to explore more of the culture and history of the country, nothing beats the Hogtown of Ontario province, Toronto. Located around 900 kilometres from Ontario, it is the largest city in the country. Blessed with stunning visiting spots, it is the hotspot of frequent immigrants and rare tourists.

From CN Tower and Distillery District to Toronto Islands and Entertainment District, there are several places to see in Toronto for your exquisite family trip. So, if you plan to visit Canada this year, do travel to Toronto and uncover the historical and cultural scene.

List Of 12 Best Places To Visit In Toronto

On top of exquisite tourist spots, the city of Toronto is also a hotspot of business and finance. Numerous sectors, including Healthcare, Technology, Real Estate, and Finance, back its thriving economy.

  • CN Tower | The Eye-catching Skyscraper of Toronto
  • Royal Ontario Museum | For an Antiquarian
  • Casa Loma | The Old Fictional Mansion
  • Toronto Zoo | The Kids Place
  • St. Lawrence Market | The Shopping and Dining Place
  • Distillery District | The Best Christmas Market
  • Kensington Market | Perfect for a Stroll
  • Toronto International Film Festival | Meet the Celebrities
  • Yonge Dundas Square | A Happening Place
  • Toronto Eaton Center | The Luxurious Shopping Experience
  • Entertainment District | The Broadway of Toronto
  • Ripley's Aquarium | The Place for Kids to Explore

1. CN Tower | The Eye-catching Skyscraper of Toronto

The city of Toronto welcomes you with its tallest standing skyscraper, which you will notice at first. Stretching up to 1816 feet vertically, the tower is popular for exterior aesthetics and has some exquisite activities for visitors to enjoy inside.

The primary attraction of the CN Tower is the glass floor, which is 1122 feet high. You can walk and jump on the study glass floor. It offers a clear view exactly downstairs. Moreover, there is an open terrace where you can feel the windy exterior. Another thing to relish here is the CN Tower edge walk, where you lean 5 feet on the outer ledge while being attached to an overhead safety rail with a harness. In short, it is an adrenaline-pumping experience.

  • Address: 301 Front St. W
  • Entry: $35

2. Royal Ontario Museum | For an Antiquarian

If you are a history buff, this place will be the perfect resort. Known as ROM (not the computer ROM), the exotic destination houses several unique galleries and art exhibitions. Attracting over 1 million visitors worldwide, the place is a perfect amalgamation of all types of artwork, including everything from fossils and human and animal evolution to the natural history of anthropology.

Besides, several intuitive and interactive structures are dedicated to the meteorological and astronomical part of our universe. Established in 1912, the Museum holds the history of all the world's major ancient civilisations. Do a quick research before coming, as the museum hosts special exhibitions at different times of the year.

  • Address: 100 Queen's Park
  • Entry: $13.5

3. Casa Loma | The Old Fictional Mansion

The Casa Loma will be a rejuvenating spot for lovers of antique architecture. Constructed by the famous Canadian soldier and multi-millionaire Sir Henry Pellatt, the castle was established in 1915. Having an ancient Spanish yet intriguing look, the castle today is a museum with around 100 rooms.

When you are here, you can engage in multimedia tours exploring several castle areas, including decorated suites, an 800-foot-long tunnel, secret passages, towers, stables, and the lovely 5-acre garden. Due to its massive size and aesthetically pleasing architecture, the castle is often rented for historical movies and weddings, making it one of the tourist attractions in Toronto.

  • Address: 1 Austin Terrace
  • Entry: $20

4. Toronto Zoo | The Kids Place

Entertaining your kids on a trip can be a tough task. But in Toronto, several locations keep them engaged, including the Toronto Zoo. Housing up to 5000 animals of 460 species, the zoo is home to animals worldwide.

It spreads across 710 acres, where you will spot African elephants, snow leopards, Indian rhinos, Australian native Tasmanian devils, koalas, albino lions, and golden monkeys. There are several exhibits within the zoo where you will spot animals from specific areas of the world, such as The Canadian grizzly bears, American alligators, African zebras, Eurasian Pandas, and more.

  • Address: 361A Old Finch Road
  • Entry: $15.5

5. St. Lawrence Market | The Shopping and Dining Place

Roaming across the city can raise your appetite. So, if you want to grab a bite to eat, the St. Lawrence Market is the perfect place. Built in 1850 and restored in 1967, the St. Lawrence Market is home to local farmers' fresh produce, including fresh fruits, veggies, fish, meat, cheese, and other gourmet products.

You can shop here for the same products and catch up with your friends for coffee. The hall is also used for social gatherings, and if you are in the city on a Sunday, you can come here for antique shopping. In the summer, you can sit outside on the patios to absorb the warm sunlight.

  • Address: 92 Front Street East
  • Entry: Free

6. Distillery District | The Best Christmas Market