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Top 15 Places To Visit In Ranikhet

Top 15 Places To Visit In Ranikhet That You Must Should Go See

Ranikhet is a charming hill station that invites travellers to explore its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. Perched at an altitude of about 1,869 metres above sea level, Ranikhet is a paradise for nature enthusiasts and history aficionados alike. Top 15 Places To Visit In Ranikhet Surrounded by the lush greenery of pine and oak forests, Ranikhet is a destination that offers a perfect blend of serene landscapes and historical significance. It's not about exploring places to visit in Ranikhet. It's about finding joy in the every day and embracing the beauty that surrounds you.

Ranikhet is often described as a tranquil retreat where the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas provide a majestic backdrop to the town. Top 15 Places To Visit In Ranikhet The serene ambience of this place is perfect for those seeking solace and respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. The town's gentle pace and idyllic surroundings make it an ideal destination for a peaceful getaway.

List Of 15 Most Famous Places To Visit In Ranikhet | A Shrine of Bells

As you explore the streets of Ranikhet, you'll come across charming local markets where you can shop for traditional Kumaoni woollens, handicrafts, and souvenirs. The town is known for its delicious local cuisine, which includes a variety of regional dishes. Top 15 Places To Visit In Ranikhet Don't forget to savour the flavours of local Kumaoni food during your visit.

  • Jhula Devi Temple | A Shrine of Bells
  • Chaubatia Gardens | Blossoms and Orchard Views
  • KRC Museum | A Glimpse of Military History
  • Majkhali | A Tranquil Hamlet
  • Binsar Mahadev Temple | Amidst Deodar Forests
  • Golf Course | Tee Off with Himalayan Views
  • Mankameshwar Temple | An Ancient Abode
  • Tarikhet Village | Rural Serenity
  • Haidakhan Babaji Temple | A Spiritual Retreat
  • Upat and Kalika | Picturesque Picnic Spots
  • Dunagiri Temple | Mythical and Mystical
  • Katarmal Sun Temple | An Ancient Wonder
  • Bhalu Dam | A Peaceful Reservoir
  • Dwarahat | Ancient Temples in the Hills
  • Ashiyana Park | Treasures from the Hills

1. Jhula Devi Temple | A Shrine of Bells

The Jhula Devi Temple in Ranikhet is not just a place of worship; it's an intriguing fusion of spirituality and tradition. The temple is renowned for its unique collection of bells, each representing a wish fulfilled. Families find this place fascinating as they witness the harmonious chime of countless bells. Besides the religious aspect, visitors also experience an enriching historical connection.

  • Major Attractions: Unique bell collection, spiritual significance, panoramic views.
  • Activities: Bell ringing, temple visits, hillside exploration.
  • Travel Tip: Visit early in the morning for a peaceful experience.

2. Chaubatia Gardens | Blossoms and Orchard Views

Chaubatia Gardens are a treat for nature lovers and offer some of the best viewpoints in Ranikhet. Here, you'll find a wide variety of blossoms, making it a captivating visit for families. The orchards offer a delightful view, where apples and apricots hang in abundance. As a historical site in Ranikhet, the gardens have been a cherished attraction since the British era.

  • Major Attractions: Vibrant blossoms, orchards, scenic landscapes.
  • Activities: Picnics, leisurely walks, photography.
  • Travel Tip: Carry a picnic basket for a delightful meal amid nature.

3. KRC Museum | A Glimpse of Military History

The KRC (Kumaon Regimental Centre) Museum is a treasure trove of history for both young and old. Families can explore its vast collection of artefacts and historical exhibits that narrate the valorous history of the Kumaon Regiment. The museum also boasts a stunning collection of medals and rare weapons. While at the museum, you can inquire about nearby Ranikhet trekking trails to explore the area's natural beauty.

  • Major Attractions: Military artefacts, historical exhibits, medals collection.
  • Activities: Museum exploration, Ranikhet trekking inquiries, history lessons.
  • Travel Tip: Engage with knowledgeable museum staff for insights.

4. Majkhali | A Tranquil Hamlet

Majhkhali is a quaint and tranquil hamlet that offers respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. For families seeking some quiet bonding time, it's an ideal destination. The charming village is also a hub for Ranikhet trekking trails, making it an excellent base for nature enthusiasts. The weather in Ranikhet this month is pleasant, making Majhkhali a perfect escape to enjoy the serenity and engage in family-friendly activities like picnics amid picturesque landscapes. It also offers homestays near Ranikhet.

  • Major Attractions: Peaceful ambience, rural life, scenic surroundings.
  • Activities: Nature walks, picnics, cultural interactions.
  • Travel Tip: Explore the nearby trekking trails for an adventurous day out.

5. Binsar Mahadev Temple | Amidst Deodar Forests

The Binsar Mahadev Temple is an ancient shrine nestled amidst the dense deodar forests. For those interested in historical sites in Ranikhet, this temple is a testament to the region's rich religious heritage. Families can embark on a short trek through the forest to reach the temple, which adds an adventurous touch to the visit. The trail is part of the Ranikhet trekking trails network, offering a chance for exploration while basking in the beautiful weather in Ranikhet this month.

  • Major Attractions: Ancient temple, deodar forest setting, spiritual aura.
  • Activities: Temple visits, trekking, nature exploration.
  • Travel Tip: Wear comfortable shoes for the trek to the temple.

6. Golf Course | Tee Off with Himalayan Views

The Ranikhet Golf Course is not just for golf enthusiasts; it's a place to enjoy sweeping views of the Himalayas. Families can spend quality time while appreciating the pristine surroundings. It's an ideal spot for a leisurely stroll or a family picnic with breathtaking mountain views in the backdrop. If you plan to dine out, consider the nearby restaurants with a view of Ranikhet to savour the delicious local cuisine.

  • Major Attractions: Golf course, Himalayan panoramas, serene ambience.
  • Activities: Golfing, leisurely strolls, family picnics.
  • Travel Tip: Visit during the early morning or late afternoon for the best views.

7. Mankameshwar Temple | An Ancient Abode

Mankameshwar Temple, an ancient abode of Lord Shiva, is steeped in history. It's an essential stop for history buffs exploring historical sites in Ranikhet. This place of worship also offers serene and family-friendly activities. The temple's spiritual aura, surrounded by Himalayan landscapes, invites families to seek solace.

  • Major Attractions: Lord Shiva's abode, historical significance, spiritual ambience.
  • Activities: Temple rituals, meditation, surrounding nature walks.
  • Travel Tip: Respect temple customs and seek blessings.

8. Tarikhet Village | Rural Serenity

Tarikhet Village is a hidden gem of rural serenity. Families can engage in cultural interactions with locals while exploring the peaceful village. With picturesque vistas, this village is ideal for family-friendly activities like bird watching and leisurely walks. The weather in Ranikhet this month adds to the charm of Tarikhet, making it a perfect destination for those looking to escape the city's hustle and bustle.

  • Major Attractions: Rural charm, serene vistas, cultural interactions.
  • Activities: Village walks, bird watching, relaxation.
  • Travel Tip: Engage with locals for insights into their way of life.

9. Haidakhan Babaji Temple | A Spiritual Retreat