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14 Famous Food Of Dublin | You Must Try In 2024

14 Famous Food Of Dublin | You Must Try In 2024

Have you heard of the world-famous Irish breakfast? If you are a food lover, we bet you must have heard. But, dishes of Dublin have an array of options from street food to seafood and local cafes to traditional delicacies that promise to satisfy your taste buds.

The food of Dublin is rich in flavours and varieties, given the culture and traditions of Ireland. People in Ireland are very passionate about their culture and so very much about their food. From Irish stews and coffee to Dublin Bay Prawns, all of these dishes are ethereal in taste and magnificent to gaze at. Chefs at various restaurants in Dublin not only rely on the natural produce from the fields in their recipes but take full advantage of the technologically grown variety of plants as well.

Mainly in Dublin and particularly, the food culture in Ireland is meat-based, but it doesn't necessarily mean vegetarian options are none. Veg food is also in abundance. All you need is to know what and where to eat.

So, we have come up with a list of fourteen classic dishes that you must try in Dublin, along with their location and best places to eat options. However, you can explore more options once you land in Dublin.

List Of 14 Best Food Of Dublin | You Must Try Once

Here is the list of the top 14 foods of Dublin that you must try once to get a taste of Irish delicacy. Also, you can visit the Dublin Food Festival 2024 if you are a chef, a food blogger, or just passionate about food.

  • Irish Stew | Hearty Hug in a Bowl
  • Coddle | Classic Comfort in a Pot
  • Boxty | Pancake with a Potato Twist
  • Seafood Chowder | Taste of the Salty Sea
  • Guinness Pie | A Pint in Every Bite
  • Barmbrack | Halloween Charm in Every Slice
  • Dublin Bay Prawns | The Pink Gems of Dublin's Coast
  • Lambs' Liver and Bacon | Homely Nostalgia on a Plate
  • Bacon and Cabbage | A Dublin Classic Reimagined
  • Dublin Coddle Pizza | Old Meets New in Dublin's Fusion Pizza
  • Irish Breakfast | Wake Up to Dublin's Heartiest Breakfast
  • Dublin Lawyer | Indulge in Dublin's Luxurious Seafood
  • Irish Coffee | Warm Welcome in a Mug
  • Colcannon | Halloween Tradition on Your Plate

1. Irish Stew | Hearty Hug in a Bowl

If you want to savour traditional Irish food in Dublin, Irish stew can be an excellent pick to begin with. A warm, nourishing stew made with tender cuts of lamb or beef, potatoes, carrots, and onions. It's a symbol of Dublin's resilience, dating back to tough times when hearty, filling meals were a necessity. Traditionally, this dish is slow-cooked for hours, allowing the flavours to meld together.

  • Location: Widely available in Dublin's traditional pubs and restaurants.
  • Best Place to Eat: Head to "The Horseshoe Bar" at The Gresham Hotel for an authentic Irish Stew experience.

2. Coddle | Classic Comfort in a Pot

Dublin's beloved coddle is a flavourful one-pot wonder featuring sausages, bacon, onions, and potatoes. It's often considered a dish born out of frugality, where thrifty Dubliners would use leftovers to create a tasty meal.

  • Location: Served in many local eateries and pubs across the city.
  • Best Place to Eat: Savour a bowl of coddle at "The Woollen Mills" in Dublin's bustling Temple Bar district.

3. Boxty | Pancake with a Potato Twist

Boxty is a versatile Dublin delight, a potato pancake that can be served as a side or a main dish stuffed with various fillings. It's a nod to the Irish love affair with potatoes and a testament to Dublin's culinary innovation. There are many vegetarian restaurants near Dublin Castle, so there is no need to worry. If you are a pure vegetarian in Dublin, you are not going to starve.

  • Location: Find boxty in restaurants, pubs, and even food stalls.
  • Best Place to Eat: Discover the flavours of boxty at "Gallagher's Boxty House" in the heart of Temple Bar.

4. Seafood Chowder | Taste of the Salty Sea

Dublin's coastal location ensures that the seafood chowder is a creamy, dreamy delight filled with the freshest fish and shellfish. It's a testament to the city's maritime heritage and appreciation for all things from the sea, making it one of the best seafood in Dublin.

  • Location: Best enjoyed in seafood restaurants near the seafront.
  • Best Place to Eat: Dive into a delightful seafood chowder at "The Seafood CafĂ©" along the Dublin coast.

5. Guinness Pie | A Pint in Every Bite

A rich and savoury pie filled with tender beef, onions, and the unmistakable flavour of Guinness stout. This dish is a celebration of two Dublin icons: hearty pub fare and the world-famous Irish stout. You can savour this elegant dish in Michelin-starred restaurants in Dublin for true flavours and made by Michelin-star chefs, something you will cherish forever.

  • Location: Available in pubs and traditional Irish restaurants.
  • Where to Eat: Sample a sumptuous Guinness Pie at "The Brazen Head," Ireland's oldest pub.

6. Barmbrack | Halloween Charm in Every Slice

A sweet, spiced fruit bread, Barmbrack has a unique place in Dublin's culinary calendar as a traditional Halloween treat. Hidden charms, each with a specific meaning, are baked into the bread, adding a touch of mystery and fun to the celebration.

  • Location: You can find fresh Barmbrack in local bakeries and supermarkets.
  • Where to Eat: Enjoy a slice of Barmbrack from "The Bretzel Bakery.

7. Dublin Bay Prawns | The Pink Gems of Dublin's Coast

Also known as Dublin Bay shrimp, these sweet, pink prawns are a local delicacy, typically served simply, boiled and enjoyed with brown bread. It's a testament to Dublin's rich seafood culture and a taste of the sea.

  • Location: Find Dublin Bay Prawns in seafood restaurants and local fish markets.
  • Where to Eat: "Klaw" in the lively Temple Bar area offers a fantastic seafood experience.

8. Lambs' Liver and Bacon | Homely Nostalgia on a Plate