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Famous Food of Spain

12 Famous Food Of Spain You Must Try In 2024

Spain, a beautiful country fringed by the Atlantic Ocean and The Mediterranean Sea, is unquestionably a foodie’s paradise. Fresh seafood, mouthwatering tapas, and herb-infused cheeses are just a few of the drool-worthy food delights you can enjoy in the country.  national dish of spain Inventive chefs love whipping mouth-melting delicacies using fresh produce, adding a wealth of ingredients and variety, adding to the allure. Whether it is Spain’s traditional food or a chef’s innovative recipe, you cannot help but fall in love with Spain’s uniquely diverse dining scene.

The national food of Spain, paella, is a flavorful rice dish infused with saffron, often featuring an array of seafood and meats, representing the diverse culinary traditions of the country.

Spaniards love dining out, and the convivial ambience adds to this gastronomic experience. If you are planning to visit Spain, you will surely feel the buzz surrounding the food scene. Savour meals available in different sizes, from bite-sized morsels to multi-course feasts. Discover simple to complicated Spain dishes and savour their exciting aftertaste.

List Of 12 National Dish Of Spain

After watching hair-raising bullfights, beautiful flamenco dance performances, lazying around at the magnificent beaches, exploring ancient monuments and ruins, and more, find time to get acquainted with the unique food culture in Spain. It will surely be an unforgettable part of your Spanish travel experience! So, what are you waiting for? Dive straight into the world of food of Spain, full of zesty flavours!

  • Gazpacho. A Spicy Soup Cooked with Raw Veggies
  • Tortilla Espanola. The Spanish Omelette
  • Paella. A Saffron-flavoured Rice Dish
  • Zamburinas A La Gallega. The Best Seafood Dish in Spain
  • Gambas al ajillo. Flavoursome Garlic Shrimp Dish
  • Pollo al ajillo. A Popular Garlic Chicken Dish
  • Patatas bravas. A Traditional Spanish Dish
  • Pisto. A Delightful Starter Dish
  • Turron. A Spanish Nougat Confection
  • Chorizo. A Cured Sausage with Sweet and Spicy Flavours
  • Croquettes. A Deep-Fried Patty
  • Calamares a la Andaluza. Lip-Smacking Squid Dish

Spanish cuisines successfully handle the most demanding palates in the world. Wonderful atoms, distinctive flavours, vibrant colours, and centuries-old recipes will open a vibrant world of food. Get ready to trace the intangible cultural heritage of the country!

1. Gazpacho. A Spicy Soup Cooked with Raw Veggies

A delightful soup with piquant flavours made with ripe tomatoes. Added to this fiery soup are ingredients like garlic and olive oil. Peppers, bread, and cucumber are also added and blended to impart a silky texture to the soup. It is high in nutrition and is quite delicious. It is mostly enjoyed in summer. When exploring Spain and its amazing attractions, duck inside a tapas bar and enjoy Gazpacho, which will give you a refreshing feel. Its thicker version, salmorejo, is served and topped with Iberico ham pieces.

  • Where to Eat Gazpacho. Eslava, Taberna Cazorla, Juanito, Viridiana
  • When to Eat Gazpacho. Hot summers

2. Tortilla Espanola. The Spanish Omelette

A famous potato and egg dish, cooked on low flame with lots of onions and olive oil added to it, Tortilla Espanola is a famous food in Spain. This national culinary icon is what Apple Pie is to America. Tortilla Espanola, or the Spanish Omelette, is a staple in any Spanish kitchen. This dish's go-to-recipe may differ from household to household; some like it runny, while others prefer a properly cooked tortilla.

  • Where to Eat Tortilla Espanola. Juana la Loca, Sylkar, Bar Nestor
  • When to eat Tortilla Espanola. Breakfast, Main Course

3. Paella. A Saffron-flavoured Rice Dish

As soon as you sink your teeth in this crumbly dish, we bet you will get obsessed with its mind-blowing flavours that come out nicely once cooked. Valencian in origin, this dish is a perfect blend of saffron-scented rice, tender-crisp beans, and juicy seasoned meats. Nowadays, this dish is made with multiple variations. This national food of Spain will surely leave you asking for more! Every morsel of this dish will evoke emotions you have not experienced.

  • Where to Eat Paella. Quique Dacosta, Quinto Quinta, Casa Carmina, Glass Mar
  • When to Eat Paella. Lunchtime (preferably on Sundays)

4. Zamburinas A La Gallega. The Best Seafood Dish in Spain

One of the most famous seafood cuisines in Spain, Zamburinas A La Gallega, originated from Galicia. Besides wild beaches, wooded valleys, and historic lighthouses, tourists also love tasting this dish. Made from the famous Galician scallops, other ingredients like smoked ham, onions, grated tomatoes, cod, and potatoes are also added to the stew.

  • Where to Eat Zamburinas A La Gallega. Pulperia Gastrogalicia, La Flor de Galicia, Casa Gallega
  • When to Eat Zamburinas A La Gallega. Appetisers enjoyed specially in February (Peak Scallops Season)

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5. Gambas al ajillo. Flavoursome Garlic Shrimp Dish

A popular Spanish Tapas recipe, Gambas al ajillo is perfect for a quick dinner. It is a garlic-based shrimp recipe cooked in olive oil at a low flamer. It is mostly left to simmer gently, with crushed red peppers augmenting its taste and flavour. Dunk some bread into the tasteful soup and enjoy its divine taste!

  • Where to Eat Gambas al ajillo. La Casa del Abuelo, Vinitus, El Balamu, Restaurante Ispal
  • When to Eat Gambas al ajillo. Appetiser

6. Pollo al ajillo. A Popular Garlic Chicken Dish

A delectable Andalucian dish, Pollo al ajillo is an authentic Spanish dish. Even without adding exotic ingredients, this dish turns out to be quite flavoursome and luscious. It is made by roasting chicken in high-quality olive oil on a low flame until it is golden brown in colour. Garlic cloves are added to it to make it more delightful. It is served as a main dish or a tapa. Its consistent and delicate taste will stay with you for a long time!

  • Where to Eat Pollo al ajillo. Casa Muniz, Restaurante Otelo, El Ovetense
  • When to Eat Pollo al ajillo. Dinner

7. Patatas bravas. A Traditional Spanish Dish

A wholesome fried potato dish, Patatas bravas, is made using crispy golden potatoes, topped with smoky tomato sauce and freshly cut parsley. It is a fine example of how hearty and gourmet dishes are prepared using the bare minimum and easily available ingredients in every kitchen. This spicy potato dish is a perfect aperitif.

  • Where to Eat Patatas Bravas. Elsa y Fred, Ciudad Condal, Bar Tomas de Sarria
  • When to Eat Patatas Bravas. Late-night Snack

8. Pisto. A Delightful Starter Dish

A popular dish in Spain, Pisto is very similar to Ratatouille and is served with scrambled or fried eggs. This soporific dish tastes amazing. There can be multiple versions of this dish, but the most authentic one usually includes peppers, courgettes, garlic, onions, and tomatoes. It is a great side dish option, mostly relished in towns and villages across the La Mancha plains.

  • Where to Eat Pisto. Taberna San Miguel, Taberna de Caaveiro, Taberna Malaspina
  • When to Eat Pisto. Great for Breakfast

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9. Turron. A Spanish Nougat Confection

Originating from Jijona in Alicante, Turron is an Almond confection, especially enjoyed during Christmas time. This dessert is made by mixing eggs, sugar, honey, and toasted nuts. Its amazing shape and silky texture melt in the mouth. This great tasting sweet is also offered as a Christmas gift to near and dear ones.

  • Where to Eat Turron. Coloma Garcia Artesanos, Turrons 1880, La Carrasqueta Turron Artesano
  • When to Eat Turron. Special occasions and Christmas

10. Chorizo. A Cured Sausage with Sweet and Spicy Flavours