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Famous Foods of Goa

15 Must-Try Famous Foods of Goa in 2024

Goa is packed with unique and stunning-looking beaches that add a certain flavour to this destination. It is a hub of adventurous activities like paragliding, snorkelling, scuba diving, etc. The vibes and enthusiasm of the place instantly change the person's mood and energy. But besides the beautiful churches and beaches, Goa can offer many more things. One such thing is lip-smacking cuisine.

The food of Goa is unique and delectable. You can’t find such cuisine anywhere in the country. It is influenced by French, Arab, and Portuguese cultures. So when you taste Goan cuisine, you get to understand the history of the place. Moreover, one can get the chance to experience international cuisine with the local touch of the place.

List of Famous Foods of Goa that You Must Try Once in a Lifetime

Many cultures inspire the cuisine of Goa, so you can get various options to try. Moreover, you can explore different cuisines in one place. Let’s list Goa's famous food so you can make a list of things you can order on your next trip to Goa.

  • Crab Xec Xec - Crab dish that should be on your mind
  • Pork Vindaloo - Add some spice to your meal with this curry
  • Ras Omelette - Innovative way to make your snacking fulfilling
  • Chorizo - The Goan version of sausage
  • Poee - Pita bread of Goa
  • Prawn Balchão - Pickle from the sea
  • Feni - Exclusive alcohol for Goans
  • Bebinca - Goan pudding that leaves an unforgettable taste on your tastebuds
  • Patolea - Sweet dish to side with your tea
  • Sorpotel - Special red curry with the right balance of sourness and spices
  • Goan Khatkhate - Vegetable stew for your rice bowls
  • King Fish Rava Fry - Instant refreshment for your taste buds
  • Goan Chicken Xacuti - Fiery & relishing traditional food of Goa
  • Feijoada - A bean and meat stew for non-vegetarians
  • Goan Samarachi Kodi - The curry for the monsoon season & catholic pre-weddings

1. Crab Xec Xec | Crab Curry that Gives Solace to Your Heart

Goa is famous for its seafood. Hence, how can we miss this dish? Xec Xec is a type of Goan curry, and this dish is prepared in that curry. This curry has mild spices, coconut, and the tanginess of tamarind. The crab in this curry helps make it a delicious dish. If you haven’t tried crab yet, then dig into this dish.

2. Pork Vindaloo | Portuguese Dish with an Indian touch

This dish comes from Portuguese culture and is made up of two Portuguese words: Vinho (meaning wine) and Alho (meaning garlic). It originated when a Portuguese sailor prepared it with pork, garlic, and wine. But in Goa, the wine is replaced with vinegar. Hence, you will get a super spicy curry for your meal.

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3. Ras Omelette | Ultimate Snack for Every Person in Goa

The word "ras" means gravy in the Konkani language. Thus it is an omelette with gravy. Generally, this gravy comprises chicken, chickpeas, or onions with coconut and other spices. The omelette contains onions, spices, green chillies, etc. Though they are cooked separately, they are served together with bread (pav). It is the soul of Goa street food.

4. Chorizo | Sausages as Handy Snacks

It is a staple snack for mornings and evenings. These are pork sausages. You can find many vendors carrying a big basket and selling different spicy variants of chorizo. These are served with bread and are like a nutritious, ready-to-make snack.

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5. Poee | Delicious Bread to Make Every Curry More Interesting

Well, how can we forget the bread options when it comes to the best food in Goa? Poee is a leavened bread (mix of maida and whole wheat flour) that is round, soft, and similar to pita bread. The dough is left to ferment for two days and then baked for two minutes. You can pair it with any type of curry.

6. Prawn Balchão | Add Fiery Flavour to Your Meal with this Pickle

Being a coastal area, prawns are quite famous in the region. But this dish is a part of the traditional food of Goa and is served as a pickle with the meal. Just fry some vegetables, roasted spices, and prawns in a pan, and it's ready. Usually, people consume it with simple boiled rice. Hence, trying this side dish with your meal is mandatory to add a bomb of flavour to your simple food.

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7. Feni | Party Hard with Indigenous Drink

Party is the term that defines the culture of North Goa. When it comes to carnivals and celebrations, many people appreciate the presence of alcohol. If you love trying new cocktails, Feni should be on your list. It is not a mocktail but a type of liquor exclusively prepared in Goa. According to history, the Portuguese brought cashews to the country and then extracted their juice. After fermenting it for several days in an earthen pot, it is distilled multiple times. Finally, you get an alcoholic beverage with around 15% alcohol. There is one more variant to this beverage, i.e., coconut Feni.

8. Bebinca | Layered Cake with Portugal Roots

It is a fusion of Indian and Portuguese cultures. Generally, you can find around 7–16 layers in the cake. But according to present demands, you may find different layers. It takes more preparation time than other cakes. It requires flour, ghee, sugar, coconut milk, and eggs. The batter is spread on the grill, and the layers are assembled.

9. Patolea | Sweet Snack for Your Tea Time

It is a sweet delicacy wherein turmeric leaves contain a sweet filling. This filling contains grated coconut, cardamom, red rice, and jaggery. People serve it hot with tea.

10. Sorpotel | Blend of Spicy and Tangy Flavours

It falls under the category of Goa special food and is a meat curry, which has alcohol along with a type of meat like pork, chicken, beef, etc. The meat is marinated with vinegar. People eat it with sannas, which are rice cakes (like idlis). It is often prepared for celebrations.

11. Goan Khatkhate | Konkani Community’s Popular Vegetable Stew