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Places To Visit In Cairns

Top 10 Places To Visit In Cairns | Nature, Culture, And Serenity

Home to The Great Barrier Reef and The Wet Tropics World Heritage Rainforest, Cairns is an astounding location in Australia that houses some of the best rejuvenating spots. Resting at the top end of Tropical North Queensland, the beautiful city of Cairns is lined with Palm trees, happening nightlife, blissful beaches, and brilliant cafes serving the most scrumptious snacks and food.

So, if you are here, witness these places to visit in Darwin and unravel the tropical oasis. Read ahead to know more!

List Of Top 10 Places To Visit In Cairns

Hosting one of the most popular Unesco World Heritage Sites, Cairns is a hotspot for calm vibes. Complete with breathtaking rainforest, golden beaches, and a luxurious stage, the city and its surroundings are the perfect holiday destination.

  • Green Island | The Glass-bottom Boat
  • Palm Cove | The Refreshing Hotspot
  • Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation | The Place For Adventures
  • Kuranda | Glide With The Cableway
  • Cairns Night Markets | The Nocturnal Place
  • Cairns Botanic Gardens| Sit in Peace!
  • Great Barrier Reef | The Marvel
  • Cairns Esplanade | Take a Romantic Walk!
  • Fitzroy Island | Go Hiking!
  • Cairns Aquarium | The Kids Place

1. Green Island | The Glass-bottom Boat

Covered in the rainforest and lined by coral reefs, The Green Island is a dreamy destination for visitors near Cairns. For those who like adventure, there are several activities, such as scuba diving, swimming, and snorkelling. However, if you are more of a walking person, you can explore the rainforest on foot. Besides, you can gaze at marine life through a glass-bottom boat. An underwater observatory is also an option.

The boat ride to the island is short, along which you may see thousands of sea birds that live on the neighbouring Island, Michaelmas Cay. Green Island is also the best place to take Cairns Great Barrier Reef tours.

  • Address: Green Island Cairns, QLD 4871
  • Price: $49 to $249

2. Palm Cove | The Refreshing Hotspot

If you are up for exploring Cairns for free, Palm Cove is the place to begin with. It is an awesome coastal village with several relaxing and rejuvenating spots and activities. You can begin with swimming only in a small area, as jellyfish and crocodiles are common in the waters.

The serene village offers several things to do for peace and tranquillity. You can dine by the sea while listening to the calm waters, go fishing, and admire the stunning sea visuals, all making it one of the best family-friendly attractions in Cairns.

  • Address: 20 kilometres north of Cairns
  • Price: Free

3. Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation | The Place For Adventures

Want to witness the beauty of two visual wonders meeting each other? Come to Cape Tribulation And witness the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest side by side. Both of these UNESCO World Heritage sites can be visited in a day.

You can begin by strolling along the shore of the beach. When going through the rainforest, you can engage in various activities like ziplining, diving, and kayaking. The Great Barrier Reef is also the best snorkelling spot in Cairns. However, you have to be here at a perfect time. An organised tour will take you on a cruise ride, a rainforest hike at Mossman Gorge, a beach visit, and a refreshing Coral Sea swim.

  • Address: 2333 Cape Tribulation Rd
  • Price: Free entry

4. Kuranda | Glide With The Cableway

Want to have all the fun on a one-day trip to Cairns? The Kuranda Village in the Atherton Tableland Hills is the ideal destination. The hilltop village offers you a mesmerising scenery of the lush green rainforest, Barron River, and gorge. The best thing about this tour is the transit part.

You can take the cableway or the railway to the top. Once on the top, you can explore the Kuranda market for artefacts, souvenirs, and jewellery. Besides, you can witness the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary, Kuranda Koala Gardens, and the Rainforestation Nature Park.

  • Address: 25km northwest of Cairns
  • Price: $66 to $310 (Travel charges)

5. Cairns Night Markets | The Nocturnal Place

If you are a night owl and like to shop a lot, the Cairns Night Market is the best spot on the local's guide to Cairns nightlife. It is one of the most bustling night spots for those fond of local stuff. All the locally made goods sold in this market resemble the markets of Huawei and India.

Some of the most artistic goods can be found on 131 stalls, including selling textiles, artwork, daily items, handicrafts, and more. If you are up for scrumptious food, you can visit the smaller food shops in the market.

  • Address: 54-60 Abbott St, Cairns City, QLD 4870
  • Price: Free entry

6. Cairns Botanic Gardens| Sit in Peace!

For an anthophile, a place like the Cairns Botanic Gardens is a dream come true. Resting in Collins Avenue, the garden is a serene spot to relieve all the worries and stress. The stunning and well-laid garden hosts around 4,000 species of natural plants.

The garden is primarily popular for tropical plants. However, the Flecker Garden hosts jungle and rainforest plants from various world regions, including South America, Africa, South Asia etc. You can visit the Centenary Lakes to see the freshwater and saltwater birds. Further, you can visit Mount Whitfield to witness the spectacular view of the town and the coast.

  • Address: 1 Collins Avenue, Cairns
  • Price: Free

7. Great Barrier Reef | The Marvel

Your trip will be incomplete without a visit to the Great Barrier Reef. It is Australia's most treasured attraction and can be explored aboard a cruise or a helicopter. Stretched over 2300 km, the richest ecosystem on the planet is home to several marine animals, like dolphins and turtles, and hard and soft reefs.

The stunning beauty of the coral reefs makes the Great Barrier Reef ideal for several water activities like snorkelling, diving, and swimming. To experience the best, you must take a guided tour of the cruise or the helicopter. Both are rewarding in their own way.

  • Address: North-east coast of Australia
  • Price: $89 to $660

8. Cairns Esplanade | Take a Romantic Walk!

Trust me, nothing is better than strolling or walking beside calm water with your partner. The Cairns Esplanade is the spot-on match for the same destination. The recent renovation of the place has made it the perfect hotspot for tourists and locals.

Cairns Esplanade is filled with a treasure trove of attractions, including fitness classes, playgrounds, tropical parks, swimming lagoons, water-themed playgrounds, beach volleyball courts, skate paths, and whatnot. You can have a picnic or even dine at the waterfront restaurants and cafes.

  • Address: Cairns QLD 4870
  • Price: Free

9. Fitzroy Island | Go Hiking!

Fitzroy Island is the closest island to explore near Cairns. Packed with a classic blend of sun, sand, and sea, the Fitzroy island is the home to some of the best Cairns rainforest hiking trails. These hiking trails lead you to the top, from where you can enjoy the panoramic view of the corals and the forest.

The island's beaches are attractive because of the water activities, like snorkelling, kayaking, and swimming. In a guided tour of the island, you can witness the beauty of marine life through the glass bottom boat.

  • Address: Cairns QLD 4871
  • Price: Free to $220

10. Cairns Aquarium | The Kids Place

If you are in Cairns with your kids and family, the Cairns Museum is the perfect place to entertain them. Established with the mission of preserving the World Heritage-listed ecosystems, the aquarium is the home to over 15000 animals. There are ten different ecosystems for the children to observe distributed across 71 tanks.

Children and adults can spot unique marine animals here, such as stingers, barramundi fishes, crocodiles, and scalloped hammerhead sharks.

  • Address: 5 Florence Street, Cairns
  • Price: Free to $147

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Frequently Asked Questions About Places to Visit in Cairns!

Q1. What are the top attractions and landmarks to explore in Cairns?
A1. The city offers many attractions and landmarks, such as Fitzroy Island, Barron Falls, Cairns Botanic Gardens, and The Great Barrier Reef.

Q2. Can you recommend any nearby islands or reef experiences from Cairns?
A2. The best islands to explore nearby Cairns are Green Island and Fitzroy Island.

Q3. Which water activities like snorkelling and diving are popular in Cairns?
A3. Snorkelling, diving, and other water activities like swimming and kayaking are popular in Cairns.

Q4. Are there any rainforest walks or nature reserves to explore near Cairns?
A4. There are several rainforest walks or nature reserves to explore, such as Cape Tribulation, Barron Gorge National Park, and Mossman Gorge.

Q5. What are some family-friendly attractions or adventure parks in Cairns?
A5. In Cairns, you can visit Palm Cove, Cairns Aquarium, and Muddy‘s Playground, the best family-friendly attractions.

Q6. Which neighbourhoods offer dining and culinary experiences in Cairns?
A6. Cairns Esplanade, Cairns City Center, Palm Cove, and Port Douglas are best for dining experiences in Cairns.

Q7. Can you suggest any day trips or excursions from Cairns?
A7. Some of the best day trips from Cairns are to The Great Barrier Reef, Green Island, Kuranda Rainforest Skyrail, and many more.

Q8. What's the best way to explore the Cairns Esplanade and Lagoon?
A8. You can explore the Cairns Esplanade and Lagoon by jogging, walking, sunbathing, picnicking, and sunset viewing.

Q9. Is there a recommended time to visit the Great Barrier Reef from Cairns?
A9. Yes, the recommended time to visit the Great Barrier Reef from Cairns is from June to October.  

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