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Loktak Lake Nature Gift in the world

Loktak Lake: Nature’s Floating Gift to the World

Manipur is quite popular as a tourist hotspot as it is home to some of the world’s most incredible landscapes and views. Out of all the popular tourist destinations of Manipur, one of the most popular is Loktak Lake which has nature’s floating gift to offer for all the world to see and adore. The evergreen forests and beautiful hills, the amazing valleys complete the world’s largest floating lake. All in all, it is one holiday landmark that you would definitely be cherishing for ages to come, once you witness its beauty!

Loktak Lake is located in Manipur. For decades, it has been considered as the main origin of life and development for more than 57 rural homes. This extraordinary gift of nature has enabled many uneducated people to benefit from easy access to great food, fresh water, daily income, and protection from the wild.

While there are so many incredible details attached to this place, let's focus on those things that the tourists swear by. So, here's everything you need to know about Loktak Lake Manipur.

Get Ready for the Rapture

Despite the countless mysterious lakes you might have already seen, the first glance at Loktak Lake, Manipur is going to grab all your attention and steal all your blues away! Significantly located near the foot of the magnificent mountain ranges, this stunning lake gives you a wonderful view of the lovely plains.

Flora and Fauna

The animals of this region thrive on a green natural circular mass of vegetation, which invokes a feeling as if a green ray of light has been placed over the surface of its enchanting waters. It is very unique in nature and specific to this site. This vegetation type is commonly known as Phumdis.

An Island that Floats