Ajay Kashyap
2023-10-10 12:43:59

Which is the longest Dussehra in India?

2023-10-17 14:15:01

The Dussehra celebration in Mysore, Karnataka, India, is one of the most famous and longest Dussehra festivals in the country. The Mysore Dasara, as it is known, typically spans over ten days, making it one of the longest and most elaborate Dussehra celebrations in India.

The Mysore Dasara is known for its grand processions, cultural events, and the beautifully decorated Mysore Palace, which is illuminated with thousands of lights during the festival. The highlight of the celebration is the final day when a traditional royal procession, also known as the "Jamboo Savari," takes place. The procession features a caparisoned elephant carrying an idol of Goddess Chamundeshwari, the presiding deity of Mysore, and various other cultural elements.

This ten-day extravaganza attracts tourists and visitors from all over India and around the world. It is a significant cultural and religious event in the region and showcases the rich heritage and traditions of Karnataka.


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