Ajay Kashyap
2023-10-10 12:43:59

Where to go on Diwali in Delhi?

2023-10-18 12:13:07

Akshardham Temple: The Akshardham Temple is beautifully decorated with lights and has a grand celebration on Diwali. The temple premises are adorned with thousands of oil lamps and an extravagant display of lights, making it a popular Diwali destination.

India Gate: India Gate is beautifully illuminated on Diwali night, and you can join the crowds for a leisurely evening stroll around this iconic monument.

Connaught Place: Connaught Place, one of the city's most popular commercial and entertainment hubs, is decked out with lights and decorations during Diwali. You can shop for traditional Indian sweets and snacks and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

Markets and Bazaars: Delhi's markets like Chandni Chowk, Sarojini Nagar, Lajpat Nagar, and Karol Bagh are vibrant and bustling during Diwali. You can shop for decorative items, clothes, and of course, fireworks in these markets.

Safdarjung Tomb: The beautifully lit up Safdarjung Tomb and its surrounding gardens offer a serene and picturesque place for an evening visit during Diwali.

Temples: Apart from Akshardham, you can visit other prominent temples like Laxmi Narayan Temple (Birla Mandir), Lotus Temple, and Hanuman Temple to witness the special Diwali celebrations and decorations.

Firework Shows: Many communities and residential areas in Delhi organize their own firework displays. Check with locals or community boards for information on fireworks shows in your vicinity.

Dilli Haat: Dilli Haat, a popular open-air market, often hosts special Diwali events and cultural performances. You can shop for traditional handicrafts and savor diverse Indian cuisines.

Diwali Melas: Various Diwali Melas (fairs) are organized throughout the city. These events feature cultural performances, food stalls, and stalls selling handicrafts and decorative items.

Visit Friends and Family: Diwali is a time for families and friends to come together. You can celebrate the festival by visiting the homes of friends and family, exchanging gifts, and enjoying traditional Diwali sweets.


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