Ajay Kashyap
2023-10-10 12:43:59

What should I shop for Diwali?

2023-10-18 12:12:55

Diwali Decorations:

Diyas (oil lamps) or electric diyas

Rangoli materials (colored powders, stencils, or stickers)


Paper lanterns

Torans (doorway hangings)

Flower garlands

New Clothes:

Traditional Indian clothing like sarees, kurta-pajamas, or lehengas

Western clothing

Accessories like bangles, jewelry, and footwear


Sweets and mithai

Dry fruits

Gift baskets

Home decor items

Personalized gifts

Gift cards

Sweets and Snacks:

Indian sweets like laddoos, jalebi, and barfi

Savory snacks like namkeen and samosas

Puja Items:

Earthenware or brass puja thali

Incense sticks and holders


Puja samagri (offerings)

Firecrackers (if legal and safe in your area):

Purchase only from authorized vendors and follow safety guidelines.

Home Appliances and Electronics:

Many people consider Diwali an auspicious time to buy new appliances or gadgets.

Greeting Cards:

Traditional or electronic Diwali greeting cards to send to loved ones.

Food and Groceries:

Ingredients for preparing special Diwali dishes like sweets, snacks, and traditional meals.

Cleaning Supplies:

Diwali also involves a thorough cleaning of homes, so you may need cleaning supplies like brooms, mops, and cleaning agents.

Diwali Pooja Book:

If you're not familiar with the prayers and rituals, consider getting a Diwali pooja book to guide you through the process.

Cloth for Gift Wrapping:

Colorful and decorative wrapping materials for gifts.


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