Ajay Kashyap
2023-10-10 12:43:59

What is the 5 day of Diwali called?

2023-10-17 14:14:34

The fifth and final day of the Diwali festival is known as "Bhai Dooj" or "Bhau Beej." Bhai Dooj is a Hindu festival that celebrates the bond between brothers and sisters. It is similar to the festival of Raksha Bandhan but has its own unique customs and traditions.

On Bhai Dooj, sisters apply a tilak (a mark) on their brothers' foreheads, perform aarti (a ritual of worship), and pray for their brothers' well-being and long life. Brothers, in turn, give gifts to their sisters as a token of their love and affection. This festival is a symbol of the strong and loving relationship between siblings and is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy.

Bhai Dooj is the final day of the Diwali festival, and it typically falls on the second day after Diwali, which is the new moon day in the Hindu month of Kartik.


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