Ajay Kashyap
2023-10-10 12:30:57

What are the days of Durga Puja in Kolkata?

2023-10-18 12:16:58

Durga Puja, a major Hindu festival celebrated primarily in West Bengal, particularly in Kolkata, spans over several days. The festival usually occurs in the month of October. The main days of Durga Puja in Kolkata are as follows:

Mahalaya: This marks the beginning of the festival. It is observed on the new moon day and is believed to be the day when Goddess Durga begins her journey to Earth. People listen to the recitation of "Mahishasura Mardini," a special hymn, on the radio, and visit the banks of the Ganges to offer prayers to their ancestors.

Maha Panchami: The sixth day before the main puja begins. On this day, the idols of Goddess Durga are unveiled, and various rituals and cultural events commence. Many pandals (elaborate temporary structures) are also opened to the public for viewing.

Maha Sasthi: The day when the formal worship of Goddess Durga begins. Prayers and rituals are performed to invoke the Goddess and install her idol in the pandals.

Maha Saptami: On this day, elaborate rituals, cultural programs, and traditional dances are organized at the pandals to celebrate the Goddess's presence.

Maha Ashtami: This is one of the most important days of Durga Puja. It involves elaborate rituals, the Kumari Puja (worshipping a young girl as a representation of the Goddess), and Sandhi Puja, which takes place at the juncture of the eighth and ninth day, symbolizing the victory of the Goddess over the buffalo demon Mahishasura.

Maha Navami: On this day, the festival continues with more cultural events, prayers, and bhog (food offerings to the Goddess). It is also considered an auspicious day to initiate new ventures.

Vijaya Dashami (Dussehra): This is the last day of the festival. On this day, the idols of Goddess Durga are immersed in water, symbolizing her return to her heavenly abode. This event is marked by grand processions and celebrations, and it concludes the Durga Puja festival.


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