Notes From the Roads That are Traveled by Sudhanshu Pandey

Some journeys leave our eyes wide open and some leave behind our minds open. Visually appealing destinations are comforting whilst mind appealing destinations are triggering. It prompts a traveler to delve within for an inward exploration. Once traveling to these secret destinations, the quest begins and a traveler embarks upon a spiritual sojourn. That is what Ujjain did to our guest, Sudhanshu Pandey.

We at Adotrip managed to grab a quick word in an exclusive interview with the very dashing, extremely talented, and absolutely humble, Sudhanshu Pandey where he revealed his spiritual connection with Mahakal and how as an actor it is important to stay grounded . Well known for his prodigious acting, he is a prominent face of innumerable brands and is also an amazing singer. Multi talented, handsome, chivalrous, generous and we can go on and on and on..

Yeah Yeah! We also were as itched as you to know more about the dapper-looking man. Read the interview and snuff out your lust, wanderlust, we mean. LOL!

: What is traveling to you?

Routine is lethal and traveling helps you to step out of that routine, it breaks the monotony. Traveling for me is unwinding myself, it’s a break from everything that I am surrounded with. I believe that we are here to collect moments and create memories and traveling helps me to gather these priceless memories. It feels so exciting to wake up at a new place, there’s so much to look forward to, so much anticipation, so much to learn. Traveling for me is discovering!

We wander for distraction but we travel for fulfillment

: Something about Nainital that keeps you connected to roots?

I have spent some beautiful years of my early life in Nainital. Despite being in Mumbai for 23 years, there’s always a vivid picture running in my mind of this serene place. I am deeply connected to my native place that even if I look at the picture, it triggers nostalgia. The beauty of the mountains, the texture of the road, the fragrance of the place is so much there in my system. You really cannot extract Nainital from me even if I have been staying in Mumbai for more than the past two decades. Nainital stays deep in my soul.

The nuances of your birthplace remain a part of your soul just as that typical touch that remains in the dialect.

: Which is your favorite destination in India and why?

I believe a place where a person can go back to at any point in life without a thought is his favorite place. And for that matter, my favorite place would always remain Uttrakhand. I have been to Kashmir and so many other hilly places but there is something about Uttrakhand that is so close to my heart. The undeniable charm, tranquillity in air and simplicity of life in Nainital are exceptional.

Nainital is like a painting, a masterpiece of God’s creation.

: Any unique festival in India that you have heard of or been a part of?

Nanda Devi Fair. Elaborate arrangements are made in the Chamoli district of the Kumaon region in Uttarakhand where the holy shrine of Goddess Naina Devi is situated. It is a massive festive congregation where a large number of devotees gather to take part in a religious procession wherein the idol of Goddess Nanda is carried out on a palanquin. Apart from the huge fair, various cultural activities and folk performances are also held and that certainly adds to the charm of this week-long festival.

: You are super stylish! Share some travel style goals for men?

To be very honest, I am a very basic person. Simplicity and confidence can make anyone look stylish, these two are the travel essentials for every man. To avoid looking sloppy, I just simply pull on my joggers or jeans, pair it with a nice breezy t-shirt, keep a layer in hand, put my feet in the most comfortable shoes and I am good to travel.

I carry only cabin luggage as I prefer to travel light. My perfume and grooming kit is a must. Traveling in style isn’t just about what you pack in your luggage, it’s more about your mood and attitude. Being in a high spirit and a cheerful mood is super important as promenading down with a smile is always stylish!

Style never comes with labels but with sophistication and confidence.

Travel Experiences

: A trip that changed you as a person and how?

A decade and a half ago when I went to Mahakaleshwar Temple in Ujjain, that trip changed me completely as a person. There are tons of ups and downs, phases, as life unfolds and you start seeking your spiritual connection.

My first visit to this temple felt like discovering my inner spiritual self - my connection with Shiva felt eternal. Since then I have been frequently visiting Ujjain. I have grown to an ardent Shiva Bhakt; I owe my life, my success, my journey to him. It is with his grace that I have been receiving all the love.

: How do actors survive in remote places during long shoots?

I would like to say that exotic or remote places don't really matter to the actors. My only requirement is a clean room with a much cleaner bathroom. While shooting, I have lived in a set up as basic as getting a bucket to bathe and a simple room to sleep. It’s all part and parcel, I don’t pay heed to such trivial matters so long my character demands to be in that kind of a place.

I have worked in scorching heat in heavy costumes and also worked in minus degrees with bare minimum clothes, actors are well accustomed and seasoned that way. Shooting business can take you anywhere, what people see on screen or what they assume of our luxuries are far from reality. It’s a tough profession, one needs a lot of passion to take up any challenge.

: Most memorable family staycation in India?

Reliving your childhood days with your children is always a special feeling. I remember taking my children to Nainital when I was invited as a chief guest for a half marathon. I took them around to every place that holds a special place in my heart. I was so elated to catch up with my old friends and their families.

I took my kids to the Boathouse club that is by the lake, we had some candid banter, I spilled out some heartwarming stories, had a beer and trust me it never tasted better. It’s really an amazing feeling to make your kids acquainted with your childhood.

: An interesting person you’ve ever met on a trip?

Ummm, not that I remember any particular encounter, however, while shooting, I often come across so many interesting people. Some claim to be fans, some people want autographs at odd places, some make you feel so special, they click pictures with you. It’s overwhelming to meet such sweet souls every now and then. I believe every person has something intriguing about them.

Rapid Fire

: 3 Travel Essentials

Sunglasses, Perfume, and Shoes

: A song you can hear in the loop while traveling

Tum jo mil gaye ho by Mohammad Rafi

: A place from where you felt nothing is far

Leh gives the feeling of nothing is far. High up, it feels close to God, a strange calm and silence that makes you feel that you are where you wanted to be. Away from chaos to be in serenity.

: A destination on your bucket list

Northern lights

: Where did you go on your last vacation


: Where would you prefer to go for a relaxing holiday in India


: Circuit Planner or Travel Agent

I will definitely like to try Circuit Planner

: Your favorite travel gadget

My phone

: One must-try exotic dish from the Indian menu

Dal Makhani

: Your favorite piece of Indian Handicraft

Silk scarves from Kashmir and Himachal are very elegant.

Beginning his career at a very young age of 19, Sudhanshu Pandey made his way to the Indian cinema after being a successful model. Driven by passion and high aspirations, the lad from the hills niched an ever-progressive career graph that picked up the speed of Rajdhani Express ever since he stepped in the glamour world. Right from Nainital, a state-level badminton player to a model who walked for the international fashion show thereafter joining the first boy band of India, 'The Band Of Boys’ as a singer to an established actor who is well settled in Mumbai for the past 23 years, his journey has been like a formula 1 race where the thrill lies only in winning.

Having made his debut in Bollywood with Khiladi 420 to successful movies like Singham, Murder 2, Tell Me Oh Khuda, Robot 2.0, then his Hollywood film, The Myth with Jackie Chan, Sudhanshu never faltered with his acting dexterity. He has won many hearts not just with his brawny and debonair persona but also with heartening acts of kindness.

Can’t get over him? We too are on a spree to get more awe-inspiring stories for you at Trip Talkies. Watch this space and stay tuned to Adotrip. Always vocal for the local!


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