Created on November 20, 2018

Travel Essentials

Well I can’t call myself a travel expert but have been travelling for the past 7 years now…I can’t say am a pro at it but I have learnt quite a lot from my travel experiences which I would like to share so that others can benefit from it…So here it goes..

1.  Always travel light- The lighter you travel the more you will be able to enjoy the experience of travelling. Sometimes during travel one has to use public transport like trains and buses and its always easier to do that if one is travelling light. Carry only those things which are needed and don't keep unnecessary stuff like too many pairs of shoes or purses etc. Always carry lesser clothes than needed as one tends to end buying clothes during the trip.

2.  Medicines- Do carry medicines as in mostly all countries prescription is needed for buying medicines. Keep Band-aid, Betadine and pain relievers handy. If travelling with children do make sure that you carry the medicines they may need in case they fall sick. Make a list of all the medicines which might be needed and buy them before travelling.

3.  Food- In case you are fond of Indian food please keep the names of Indian restaurants and their locations handy.We are fond of Indian food so mostly the hotels we stay in are near or around those restaurants. If you are happy eating the local food in those cities/countries then it shouldn't be a problem. One can find local restaurants almost anywhere.

4.  Sunscreen is a must- In countries like Australia is it impossible to survive without sunscreen and that too a sunscreen with a high SPF for better coverage.Sunscreen is a must carry for other countries too. Do make sure you use one which suits your skin type and provides good UV protection .If you are going to water-parks then use waterproof sunscreen for better protection.

5.  Do not carry hairdryers as mostly all hotel rooms have them. They just add on to the baggage weight.Of course if your hair needs some special care then do carry the equipment needed.

6.  If you are out for day trips out of the city then keep things you can munch on during the journey as one might feel hungry. Especially if you are travelling with children do keep snacks they can munch on and also drinks like Ice-tea or other drinks. Avoid fizzy drinks like colas.

7.  Always carry shoes which are comfortable as one needs to walk a lot during travel Make sure the shoes you carry are comfortable to walk in and do not cause any shoe bites or injuries.

8.  The weather can get unpredictable. So always carry a light jacket/sweater even if chilly weather is not predicted. In case it rains mostly all hotels provide umbrellas to their guests so there is no need to carry them in your luggage .One can carry lightweight raincoats instead.

9.  Travel Adapters/Power Banks- Always carry travel adapters as all major countries have different kinds of switches. These can be found at mostly all electronic shops or travel shops. Also do not forget to carry power banks as you might need to charge your phone when you are on the go.

10.  Cabs- Mostly all countries have Uber or similar cab services. Instead of the regular taxis use Uber as they are cheaper and more convenient to book. Before going to any country please check which cab services ply there and download their app before you go.

11.  Luggage- Always use four wheeler suitcases while travelling as they are easier to handle. For eg. One has to shell out 3-4$ at US airports for luggage carts. That expense can be avoided by using Four wheeler suitcases and plus they are convenient too.

Hope these tips will help you plan a better vacation and enjoy your trip….Happy Holidays!!


Deepti gupta
Replied on November 21, 2018 10:35:45 am

I appreciate your wonderful travel experience. This is really helpful. Let us ask more of our friends and people to join this thread and share their travel experiences. It will be so relevant for those who love travelling. 

Shashank Singh
Replied on May 1, 2019 09:44:17 am