Created on October 4, 2018

"Amazing Trip To India With Adotrip Circuit Planner"

It was my first trip to India; I had no idea about the place and was a little worried as I was traveling alone but much to my surprise, Culture Holidays India. I made this trip memorable and beautiful as I was planning to travel to North India so I started from the city Delhi but I was little worried about the routes. First, I decided to visit Himachal Pradesh where I spent almost 3 days and then, headed towards Uttarakhand where I saw the actual scenic beauty of the place. Now I decided to move on to Jammu Kashmir that was a 5-day trip was very refreshing, full of new things and great experiences. A very smooth journey with commendable luxury. Once I completed my tour here these and tour where I was looking to travel to Kerala. The trip was fantastic and I really enjoyed it.

The journey became successful because of Adotrip. I came across Adotrip on the internet where I found circuit planner that helped me to find the shortest routes to visit these places with more ease

Deepti Gupta
Replied on October 5, 2018 00:58:34 am

Uttarakhand is such a beautiful place and this circuit has helped me explore the nearby destinations. Love it totally.