Created on October 4, 2018

Diwali is my favorite festival

Let’s begin with our much favourite festival of lights – Diwali! The most prominent among the Hindu festivals, Diwali arrives with an impish glee of decorating the houses and bursting the firecrackers with family and friends. With diyas and lamps glistening all around, it is one of the most awaited festivals by Indians.

Besides the legendary tale of the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhaya after 14 years of exile, Diwali is celebrated for various other reasons too! On this very day, Lord Vishnu rescued Goddess Lakshmi from the prison of King Bali. This is the reason we perform 'Lakshmi Pooja' on Diwali. Also, on the preceding day of Diwali, Lord Krishna killed the demon king Narakaasur and rescued 16,000 women from his captivity who further became his wives (yes, all of them).