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So, there is a story behind the celebration of the Pawl Kut festival. It is celebrated for the blessing of rain which the Mizos received after a long wait of almost three years. You read that right. There was no rain for subsequent three years and hence no production of crops. People prayed to the God and they henceforth they received rainfall which was indeed an occasion of celebration. Everyone considered it as a blessing and thus started celebrating this festival of harvest.

It is more of a thanksgiving festival to the deities who acknowledged their requests showered them with rainfall and blessings when they needed it the most. This hued-filled fiesta is a reminder of the gratitude that they must show to the God. Also, not to forget is the joyful part of the festival men go on hunting before the actual ceremony and a dish is prepared with meat and egg. Everyone enjoys the bliss and the festival marks for a new beginning in all their lives.


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