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Haven't you heard of the charisma of Lord Krishna? I am sure you have because Lord Krishna is most lovable and worshipped God on the Indian land. Not just worshipped but the Lord is more pampered by offering him his favorite delicacies, keeping his idols like a child and more. His stories are still very much mortal in the hearts and minds of the people and that is the reason his birthday known as Janmashtami is a special occasion.

Major attractions of Janmashtami

Believers decorate the temples and make the idols of God all decked up so that he can be further fondled by the devotees. Usually, the kids of the houses dress up in the attire of Lord Krishna and then mimic him as described in his stories.

Many mouth-watering sweets are made in his honor which is to be eaten after an entire day of fasting.

Vrindavan is the place where it is celebrated like no one would have expected. In a temple there, Lord Krishna is believed to have taken birth and that is why Janmashtami is a custom rather than a celebration.

How to reach Janmashtami?

Vrindavan is known as the Janam Bhoomi for the birth of Lord Krishna. Here this festival is celebrated like magic. You can reach via various modes of transport. Mathura is the nearest railway and bus station where there are frequent trains from other parts of India. There is no airport but the nearest airport is Kheria airport in Agra. 

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  • 1 Day

  • Traditional

  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Festival Date

    24 August 2019

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