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Kanyakumari anyway creates quite a buzz among the tourists and is always chased by people from all over the world. But do you want to know what's in the place for you? There is so much from spectacular views to culture worth a million. The cape festival is one such evidence of the same. The festival is celebrated for around three days in a completely traditional and religious style. Though the celebration is done by people following certain customs, but it is an excellent experience altogether.

Major attractions of Cape Festival

The locals believe to take a bath in the holy water’s propitious day.

One surely does not need to dig the traditions of the place on their own or just be there clueless about them as a lot of cultural programs also take place on the festive occasion which will make educate you about them more.

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This will also lead to the tourists enjoying more in between.

How to reach Cape Festival?

The festival is celebrated in the bottom-most city of the country, Kanyakumari. You can reach here by the nearest airport which is about 67 km in Trivandrum. Kanyakumari has its own railway junction which is connected to most of the cities of India

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  • 3 Days

  • Traditional

  • Tamil Nadu
  • Festival Date

    March 27 - March 28 2020

  • Venue


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