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Didn't float festival grab your attention at once? The name itself is very intriguing and a lot many questions start to flash in our minds as soon as we read it aloud. What is it all about? Float as in people float in the water or what? All these questions shall be answered once you visit Madurai also known as the temple town of India. 
Madurai is one of the oldest cities with the same old authenticity and culture trends. The city celebrates this Float festival from 17th century when people started to worship the deities by taking them on the boat ride in the artificial lake made near an ancient temple. The ritual then includes taking the deities in golden palanquins on an early morning along with elephants and musicians bidding them goodbyes.


  • 12 Days

  • Religious

  • Tamil Nadu
  • Festival Date

    20 January 2018 - 31 January 2018

  • Venue


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