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It is a popular dance festival organized by the Government of Karnataka in the town of Pattadakkal and its ancient temples. The temples are tourist attractions itself and dance festival is an add-on for sure. It is one celebration which will drop the jaws of all dance lovers or even viewers. Dance is a language which can express better than words and this festival is a live example of the same. 

There are many temples located in the location which are all beautiful and inspiring. The architecture, the history, the dance, everything is worth watching. Hence, make it a point to be present during the festival this time. It is organized in the month of January.

Major attractions of Pattadakkal Festival

It is a grand celebration of all the temples located in the place. The architectural beauty of the temples is worth celebrating.

The government of the state organizes this glorious festival full of cultural performances, different folk dances and also some entertainment dances which will keep you engaged all the while.

How to reach Pattadakkal Festival?

The festival is celebrated in the Pattadakkal region which is the place where all the temples recognized by UNESCO World Heritage Sites are located. The nearest airport to the place is Belgaum which is about 150 kms from the place. The nearest railway station is Badami from where people can take a taxi to the location and reach conveniently.

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  • 11 Days

  • Dance & Music

  • Karnataka
  • Event date

    1 January 2020

  • Venue

    Pattadakkal Temple

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