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Mei Ramew is a unique food festival that is organized in the state of Meghalaya to bring the old traditional cuisines to limelight and introduce them to the new generations. The festival is organized in collaboration with the state government and majorly by the North East Slow Food and Agrobiodiversity Society (NESFAS). The main aim of the festival is to revive the old ways of cooking food and prepare the recipes that got lost or eliminated from our lifestyle because they either required an elaborate cooking process or were time-consuming.   

History of Food Festival 

Mei Ramew is a two-day annual festival that Meghalaya has been celebrating since 2010. The festival is an opportunity for the locals to prepare and relish the indigenous cuisines, crops, and locally available spices along with the herbs and shrubs. The Mei Ramew festival is organized in Mawphlang town in Meghalaya. Mei Ramew in Khasi language means ‘Mother Earth’ and the festival also has an official theme song which is called ‘Ko Mei Ramew’.  

Every year the festival is given a theme such as sustainability, traditional food culture, and sometimes music as well. Communities and tribes from other north-eastern states also travel to Mawphlang to showcase their food culture and indigenous cuisines. For tourists, the festival is a chance to taste unique dishes that they will not find in any fancy hotel’s menu and for the locals its an opportunity to relive their forgotten food culture.    

About Slow Food and Terra Madre

Slow Food is an organization that was founded in Italy in 1986. The main aim of the society is to promote the local, and traditional food in every community and offer a healthy alternative to people from trending fast food. 

Terra Madre, on the other hand, is a local network of food communities that was launched by Slow Food. The people from this community associate with the regional farmers, and fishermen to share knowledge about the sustainable ways of farming, food, nutrition, and increasing productivity in the field.     

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Major Attractions of Food Festival 

Start Cuisines of Mei Ramew Festival 

Because the festival revolves around food there are a few unique dishes that you will not find anywhere else in the country hence you must taste them here. Some of the star dishes of the festival are Smoked Beef with Wild Edibles, Water Celery Salad, Fine Fern Omelet, Jadoh Rice, Pumaloi, and Bamboo Shoots.     

Mei-Ramew Farmers’ Market

The Mei Ramew farmer’s market is a major attraction of the festival where visitors can buy the organically produced fruits and vegetables. Besides the regular kitchen crops, fruits, and veggies, wild edibles are also available in the market for buying.  

Mei Ramew Products 

Mei Ramew products comprise crops and food items that are sourced directly from the farmers and are branded by NESFAS to be sold in the urban markets. NESFAS takes care of the branding and marketing of these products. Pink rice, sticky rice, honey, pineapple jam, perilla seeds, and black sesame seeds are some fast-selling products from their inventory.  

How to Reach the Mei Ramew Festival

By Road. If you are planning to travel by road to this appetizing food festival then you may either take an inter-state tourist bus or may take your personal vehicle to reach Mawphlang. From Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru one is required to cover nearly 2,000, 2,800, 1,100 and 2,900 km to respectively to reach the town. One has to cover a major distance of National Highway 27 to reach Meghalaya.         

By Rail.  Mirza train station is the nearest train station to reach Mawplhang. From the station, one has to travel another 100km to reach the town which is three and a half-hour drive away from a bus or a taxi. Trains from all metropolitan cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru arrive here.    

By Air. Shillong airport is the nearest airport to reach Mawphlang. From the airport, one has to cover another 50km to reach the Mawphlang town. One may take the locally available public transport like a taxi or a bus to commute to the desired location. There are regular direct and connecting flights from all parts of the country to Shillong hence one does not have to worry about the availability of flights.   

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