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Beat the Monday, Morning and other blues of your life by coming to the Blue City i.e JODHPUR! The city is preparing for the 2019 version of its regular musical feast “JODHPUR RIFF” that will give you a refreshing break from the hustle-bustle of life and will revitalize your mind and soul. This year the festival will take place from 10th to 14th October 2019 at the magnificent Mehrangarh Fort.

Jodhpur Riff is a non-profit 5-day festival that is organized by Jaipur Virasat Foundation and Mehrangarh Museum Trust. An interesting fact about the festival is that it has garnered appreciation even by UNESCO as “Peoples Platform for Creativity and Sustainable Development”. The festival is held around Sharad Purnima when the moon is full, bright and clear, up in the sky and you can connect with the cosmos, and the divine energy through music.

Experience Music from the Lanes of the History

Talking about the historical significance of the venue the Mehrangarh Fort has been the symbol and pride of Rajput rulers and it still stands tall guarding their culture and legends. The fort was chiseled to perfection with a tinge of the Mughal and the Rajputana architecture on a hill that’s 400 ft above the ground. Mehrangarh fort is exactly a manifestation of a bold and beautiful structure from the history.

Pabuji ki Phach, Maand, and Panihari are a few different folk music styles that sing the tales of the bygone era in the most melodious ragas and surs. These music styles define the rich heritage of Rajasthan’s folk music and make it an incredible part of India’s cultural history. The Rajasthan International Folk Festival is an attempt to keep the art form alive and kicking. This year the festival is expected to witness renowned folk artists such as Dare Khan Manganiyar, Chiranji Kanji, Shamsuddin, Anwar Khan, and Pampa Khan Manganiyar. Apart from the legends, one will also get to listen to young musicians like vocalist Jayateerth Mevundi, and bands like Asia Manga, Sondorgo a Hungarian Band, and Bixiga 70 which is a Brazilian Music band.

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The Jodhpur Riff festival is a platform that connects classical music lovers to the master musicians. The 5-day festival accommodates concerts under the moonlight, events, exhibitions, interactive sessions and more. The festival was initiated in 2007 and since then it has been a regular affair in the Mehrangarh Fort.

Interesting Fact 

Jodhpur is known as Blue city and sun city and here is why! The geographical location of the city is such that the sun shines bright in the sky for all 365 days, which is why it’s called Sun City. The inhabitants found the solution to beat the heat in wall paints as they painted their homes with blue color to stay cool in the scorching heat, which gave the city the name of Blue City.  

Major Attractions of Jodhpur Riff 

First Day. The first day of the festival is mesmerised with ultimate fun and folk. This day will start with a Children’s Folk Morning which runs from 8:30 Am to 2:00 PM at Veer Durga Das Memorial Park. one can enjoy different folk activities including Rajasthani folk Kalbeliya Dance, Kachhi Ghodi, Kavad, Chang Nritya, Phad etc.

Second Day.  There will be organised a Dance Boot Camp, which will be held at Chokelao Bagh in the Mehrangarh Fort. there are different dance forms that will be performed such as Kalbeliya Nritya and Ghoomar Nritya. 

Third Day. This day will start with RIFF Dawns that will be inaugurated by the performance of Hidayat Husain Khan from 5:30 AM-7:30PM. After that, the same activities like Dance Boot Camp and Fort Festivities will continue for the rest of the day.  

Fourth Day. The day will again be charmed with RIFF Dawns and now another artists will perform to grace the stage. These artists are Pempe Khan, Asin Khan Langa and Dharre Khan Mananiyar. The concert will start from 5:30 AM to 7:30 PM. It will be held at Jaswant Thada. 

Fifth Day. The fifth day or last day will be wrapped with soothing Thumri under RIFF Dawn. The thumri singer Vidya Rao will be gearing up to turn the stage into classic singing Gharana. 

Another Charms Of Jodhpur

Apart from a memorable musical treat, one can also explore the temples in the Mehrangarh fort premises. The Chamunda Mata temple, and the Nagnechi Ji temple will sooth your spiritual nerves while the heroic tales of the idols will leave you spellbound. Mingle with the locals for the exclusive Rajasthani food and interesting stories. 

The Mehrangarh fort premises accommodate multiple mesmerizing palaces or mahals. For instance, there is Sheesh Mahal that has been adorned with intricate mirror work, Moti Mahal where the king would reside on its throne and would address the serious matters, and Phool Mahal which used to be the king’s private place to relax.       

Chokelao Garden is another popular tourist attraction in the fort. This bagh or garden is believed to be 200 years old and certainly, it carries the scents and fragrances of history. But there is a catch, the best time to visit the garden is not in the daylight but in the evening, as the garden gets lit up by the soft moonlight. The upper terrace of the garden has a restaurant where one can wrap the beautiful day while the moon and the flowers are in full bloom in the backdrop.  

Things you would love about Jodhpur Riff 

Festivals are incomplete without food and especially when you are in Jodhpur! Raab, Lapsi, Bajre ka Sogra, Badam Halwa, and Chandaliya Sabji are some traditional dishes from the Jodhpuri Cuisine. The street food of Jodhpur is equally popular and leaves you to crave for more. Mirchi Badaa, Ghewar, pyaaz ki kachori are some popular street foods that you can savor during your stay.  

A desert safari is another activity that you can plan if you wish to see the sunset in the desert or wander in the never-ending landscapes, who knows you may encounter the never seen before species of flora or fauna!   

How to reach Jodhpur Riff

Air. Jodhpur has its own airport which is just 8 kilometres away from Mehrangarh Fort where the Musical Festival is organised. The airport is well-connected to other major cities of India. Once you reach the airport you can take bus, auto or taxi to reach the airport. 

Rail. Jodhpur Railway Station is well-connected to other major cities of India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. These are some frequent trains that run from Jodhpur Railway Stations are Chennai-Jodhpur Express, Howrah-Jodhpur Express, Suryanagari Express, Jaisalmer-Delhi Express. 

Road. Jodhpur has got great road connectivity with nearby regions as well as major cities of India. If you are heading from Delhi to Jodhpur, there are several buses that run frequently. You can get public buses, Volvo Buses and many more. 

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    10-14 October, 2019

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    Mehrangarh Fort

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