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Majuli is one of the most exotic tourist destinations in the state of Assam, which also hosts the popular Majuli festival. The festival is a crowd puller that attracts locals and tourists alike to showcase the unique Assamese tribal, and neo-Vaishnavite culture. This 4-day annual festival is an opportunity to peep into the culture and traditions of the tribes that live in the Majuli river island that is situated by the river Brahmaputra. The venue for the festival is the banks of the river Luit that is surrounded by surreal views and infinite blue sky.   

History of Majuli Festival 

Majuli in Assam is known to be the largest river island in the world and it also holds a Guinness World record for being so. Locals claim that the island used to had a land cover of 880 square kilometers which got shrunk to 352 square kilometers over a period of time due to the effect of erosion and growth of the rivers that surround it. Many folklores also state that the Majuli island was formed as a result of floods and earthquakes in the 17th century. Legends have it that the island was known as Ratnapura in the 12th Century and it served as the capital city for the Chutia Kingdom.    

Today, the Majuli island is known to be a hub of various tribes, some of the most prominent ones are Misings, Deoris, and Sonowal Kacharis. The island is home to many non-tribal and scheduled caste tribes as well such as Ahoms, Koch, Yogis, Kalitas, and Keot. The languages spoken on the island are majorly Mising, Deori, and Assamese. There are many monasteries and Satras located on the island where all the religious rituals are performed by the Neo-Vaishnavites.    

Majuli festival is celebrated for four days annually in the month of November. The festival begins on 21st November and culminates on 24th November every year. Majuli festival is marked by many cultural programs, folk dances, and the stalls dedicated to local delicacies of the tribes of Majuli. Many budding and established artists, dancers, musicians, and artisans participate in the festival. 

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Major attractions of Majuli Festival

Handicraft Items and Traditional Attire

The festival also features exhibitions on hand-made home decor items from bamboo and cane along with many pottery items. These items are available at very discounted rates during the festival. One also gets to witness the locals in their traditional attires during the festival that are Dhoti-Kurta for men and Mekhla-Chadar for women. Apart from these, there are many special attires that are worn by some specific tribes such as Sgaopha (turban) by Dimasa Tribe, Dokhna (wrap around) by Bodo Tribe and Mibu Galuk (t-shirt) by Mising Tribe. 

Peep into the Folk and Tribal Culture of Majuli 

The culture and traditions of Majuli island attract a lot of tourists from around the world. A lot of different cultural programs are celebrated during the course of this festival which shows the customs of the people of the island. One gets to witness the folk dance and folk music of the place. 

Savor the Local Food 

A food festival is also organized with all the amazing delicacies of the state as well as of the tribes living on Majuli Island. Here one will get to relish dishes like Duck Meat Curry, Maasor Tenga (fish curry), Paro Manxho (pigeon meat), Silk Worm, Pitha (sweet dish), and Alu Pitika.   

How to reach 

By Road. The Majuli Island is approximately 350km from Guwahati and 20km from Jorhat. From Jorhat, people may avail the ferry service to reach the island and participate in the festival. In case one wishes to reach Jorhat by road then the following information will help you plan an itinerary. The distance to Jorhat is approximately 2200km via NH 27, and 3,000, 1,300 and 3,000 km from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru respectively.   

By Rail. If you are traveling by rail then you have to get down at the Jorhat railway station as it is the nearest to Majuli Island. The railway station receives trains from all the metro cities of India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, and Pune. Jan Shatabdi Express, Jorhat Town Intercity, and Guwahati Intercity are a few popular and frequent trains to reach Jorhat railway station.    

By Air. Jorhat airport is the nearest airport to Majuli island. From Jorhat one may take the ferry service or book a taxi or a seat on a bus to reach the island. The ferry service runs 6 times a day from Jorhat hence reaching the island will not cause any inconvenience. The Jorhat airport receives many connecting flights from the Guwahati airport and many other metropolitan cities of India. From Jorhat airport, one has to travel a distance of 50km to reach Majuli Island. 

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