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Ross Island, Andaman Nicobar place is famous for the ruins of Penal colony. Remember the Kaala Paani which has prisoned many important political figures from the time of India’s struggle, you can see it here. It has a great colonial past worth seeing other than the scenic beauty of the place.

Places to visit in Ross Island

Ancient Presbyterian Church

Ancient Presbyterian Church stands among the important remnants of the British colonial rule, built out of the stone. The church encompasses various windows that were constructed from the durable teak, the spot offers the wonderful view of its surroundings.

The Majestic Chief Commissioner’s Bungalow

The Majestic Chief Commissioner’s Bungalow is a brilliant structure of the colonial times, the bungalow still carries the same opulence even in its ruins. The bungalow encompassed with a lavish ballroom, splendid bedrooms, big dining rooms along with many drawing rooms. The outer side of this bungalow is encircled with a beautiful pathway and magnificent Amalta gardens, a wonderful spot to explore.

Ferar Beach

The unspoiled water of the Ferar Beach offers the magnificent view with beautiful hillocks. The stunning view of the beach has turned into a famous place for the tourists as a number of tourists visit over here. Ferar Beach is dotted with globular stones, rock and smooth sands.

Remnants of the Club Houses

The British army officials built three imperial clubhouses to fulfil their quirks and desires when they were off duty. Thus a settlement club was constructed specially for the high-ranked army staff; it stands among the scenic spot of the island. The clubhouse is embraced with an amazing dance floor carved on the wood. A must visit place of the Ross Island.

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Marine Sanctuary 

The Marine Sanctuary or Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is enough to mesmerize you with a whole lot of different water species. Mainly the sea turtles and coral reefs. Also, your eyes will get wooed by watching Olive Ridley turtles. Apart from these beautiful abstracts of nature, the underwater colorful species hold the ability to blow your mind.

Things to do in Ross Island

  • View of deer and peacocks
  • Shops for souvenirs in the bakery
  • Visit Farzand Ali Store
  • Apart from roaming around the streets, you can enjoy adventurous water activities like Scuba Diving, Snorkeling and many more.

Events and festivals in & around Ross Island

Island Tourism Festival

When you are in Andaman & Nicobar Islands, how can you miss on the Island Tourism Festival which is the biggest carnival held here and is certainly most exciting? This festival is more like continuing the festive vibe of New Year and hence it is celebrated in January and is a 10-day carnival. Read more…

Beach Festival

The beach festival celebration is a new addition of celebrations made by the division to please the requirements of beach lovers. The site of the celebration may vary. Creation of this celebration includes few beach activities like beach volleyball, and other beach sports like tug of war, kabaddi and so forth. Food courts, various other entertainment programs, fun activities are also arranged depending upon setting and facilities close to the beach. Read more…

Best time to  visit Ross Island

One can visit between March to May where temperature remains 25°C and 35°C and in monsoon (June and September) the temperature remains 20°C and 30°C.

Source: Charles Huang

How to reach Ross Island?

Air- Just three kilometres away from the Ross Island, The Vir Savarkar Airport is the nearest airport. After that, you can hire speed boats to reach the Ross Island.

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