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Thanks to Indian Archaeological Survey department that keeps our cultural Heritage protected and maintained so that we always remain amazed with their values in tact. The Tala village in Bilaspur district, Chhattisgarh, will keep you stunned with the collection of ancient monuments and ancient temples. Situated at the confluence of Shivnath and Maniari River,  the sculptural art of Tala village are the rare gems which we get from the history. You will surely remain awestruck while roaming in the village. The experience that you get while interacting with locals will keep you spell bound with the stories and curiosities generated towards mythology of the ancient monuments. Apart from the historical heritage, the exotic nature will keep you hooked up with the place.

Top Attractions in Tala 

Devrani- Jethani Mandir- Built in the era of 5th century, the two temples that lie in very close proximity of few meters are dedicated to the wives of the Royal Brothers and henceforth are  known as Devrani- Jethani temples. Even though the larger one-Jethani temple is almost ruined now but one can still get a glance of the Elephant sculptures on the remains of the pillars there. The smaller unit-Devrani temple still depicts the explicit kind of art forms like dancing men, lotus rosettes and some deities too which cannot be recognized now. The entrance of the temple is decorated with beautiful Chandrashila. When you enter the monument, you will come across the famous Garbh Griha, Ardha Mandapa, and Antraal. 

Rudra Shiva Statue- 1987-88 was the year when ASI revealed unique Shiva temple that is basically The Rudra form of Shiva. The gigantic sculpture is measured as 7 feet in height and around 5 metric tonnes in weight. The fascinating feature about this enormous idol is that most of its parts depicts different animals along with human and lion heads constituting its body that is further decorated with snake motifs.

Activities to do in Tala

Know The Nature At Talakona Waterfall- While you are wandering in Tala village, you will find a Talakona Waterfall which is a few distances away from the village. The waterfall is surrounded by  lush green landscapes, streams etc. The constant chirping sound of birds! the soothing aura! All are just captivating.

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Best Time to visit Tala

If you are a summer lover then the weather condition shouldn’t be an issue for you as it often reaches above 40 degrees. But, if you want to view the immense spectacle that is amalgamated by soothing and chilled weather condition, then winter is a justified one. So, if you want to see the best stored in the historic remains of Talagram, make sure you are making the bookings  for this trip between the months of November to February. 

How to reach Tala

By Air- The nearest airport is Bilaspur Airport. Once you reach the airport, you need to take a bus or taxi to reach Tala. 30 minutes of adventurous drive will make you reach your destination. 

By Rail- The nearest railway station is Bilaspur Railway Station. After deboarding the train at Bilaspur Railway Station, you can take a bus or taxi to reach Tala.

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