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The Kondapalli Fort is a 14th century built architectural wonder located in Guntur district. The fort tells the stories from the bygone era, right from the architecture upfront to the art and culture along with the political scenario of the 14th century. Kondapalli Fort is located on the hilltop and attracts tourists, history buffs and researchers, from across the globe. Kondapalli Fort is also known as Kondapalli Kota and was built by Musunuri Nayaks, a warrior tribe that stayed in the southern region during the 14th century.

History of Kondapalli Fort 

Spread in an area of 18sq km, Kondapalli Fort is an architectural marvel that is standing tall and strong for almost 6 centuries now and has witnessed the cultural, political, and geographical shift in this region. The fort was ruled over by several rulers belonging to diverse kingdoms and the most significant among them was Bahmany King. In 1515, the fort was captured by Krishnadevaraya a celebrated emperor of the Vijayanagara Empire. After the Vijaynagar rulers came Mughal rulers and ultimately the fort was captured by Britishers who used it as their military training base.  

After Independence, the fort came under the preservation of ASI and since then it is a tourist destination where people come to admire the fort’s architecture and the stories that it guards. Kondapalli fort has an entry gate which is known as ‘Dargha Darwaza’ because there lies the Dargah of Hazrath Syed Galib Shaheed. The fort has another popular entry which is called ‘Golconda Darwaza’ which opens up to a village called Jaggaiahpet.  

Top Attractions around Kondapalli Fort

Golconda Darwaza

Golconda Darwaza is located on the opposite side of the hill and has been beautifully carved by skilled artisans. The Golconda Darwaza is made of granite and features intricate carving that is a mix of Persian and Mughal architecture. 

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Hazrath Galib Shaheed Dargah

Located 20km away from the Kondapalli fort, there is a dargah of Dargha Hazrat Galib Shaheed Rahmatullah ALei. People often visit the place to offer prayers and experience peace in the divine ambiance. You will definitely feel the faith at Hazrath Galab Shaheed Dargah. 

Tanisha Mahal

Another palace that exists in the Kondapalli Fort is the Tanisha Mahal. The ruins of this beauty still catch the eyes of the tourists. 

Things to do in Kondapalli Fort

Buy Kondapalli Toys

The Kondapalli toys are the famous souvenir items that you may buy from the roadside vendors around the fort. The toys are made of softwoods. These toys include beautiful dolls, statues in dancing postures.

Explore the Kondapalli Reserve Forest

The forest is spread in an area of 30k acres and is home to unique spices of flora and fauna. Kondapalli reserve forest attracts visitors for its lush green landscapes and beautiful waterfalls. 

Best time to visit Kondapalli Fort

Kondapalli Fort is one of the most significant places in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh and anyone would love to give a visit to the sight. But, if you want to enjoy to the fullest, then choose winter months as the weather is more pleasant during this time. 

How to reach Kondapalli Fort?

By Road. The fort is well connected by roads, hence it won’t be a problem to commute to the fort via any public transport. In case you are looking to cover the entire distance by road then you have to cover approximately 1,800, 1,000, 1,200 and 700 km from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru respectively.    

By Rail. Deboard at the Kondapalli railway station to reach the Kondapalli Fort. Krishna Express and Golconda Express are two trains in which you can book seats to travel to Kondapalli fort. After leaving the railway station one has to cover a distance of 24km to reach this historic tourist destination. One may cover this distance through local transports such as buses or local cabs.   

By Air. Vijaywada airport is the nearest airport to reach the Kondapalli fort. After leaving the airport one can take local transport to conveniently reach the fort which is 43 km away. Vijaywada airport receives regular direct and connected flights from all the major metro cities of India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune.   

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