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Who doesn’t want to travel to some of the most exotic and scenic destinations of our country and indulge one’s senses in the ravishing beauty of nature? Clearly, anyone would desire to explore new places, especially with enriching natural beauty. And one such destination in Leh, Ladakh where you can hope to explore the fabulous beauty of the mountains is the Nyoma village. It is situated in the Leh district, on the banks of the charming Indus River promising some really fabulous landscapes to cherish upon for the travellers. 

Why You Should Visit Nyoma Village 

If what you seek is inner peace, then, travelling to Nyoma or similar places can really help you. Yes, when it comes to exploring and re-discovering travel, this is a kind of destination which you cannot hope to miss out on. Even a casual walk here will offer you with some really intense photographic moments and what can be better than that?    

Places to visit in and Around Nyoma

Pangong Lake - The Pangong Lake is located at an altitude of around 14,100 ft. The beauty of this place is really awe-inspiring. This lake also acts as a breeding ground for many species of birds. If you are someone who loves nature then you must definitely give yourself a chance and visit this amazing wonder of nature. And yes, one last thing - don’t forget to take your best camera with you. Read More

Tsomoriri Lake - The Tsomoriri lake is situated at a height of around 15,000 feet and is located at a distance of around 240 km from Leh. What’s really interesting to know about this lake is the fact that it’s shape is like a pearl which acts as a significant highlighting point for attracting tourists from all across the country. Read More

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Things to do in and Around Nyoma

Visit Magnetic Hill - The Magnetic hill will simply astonish you. Yes, and why not so? As this hill possess such terrific qualities of pulling vehicles towards it. Anyone seeing it for the first time won’t be able to believe his eyes that how can a hill attract heavy cars and other vehicles towards it? However, that is something for which even scientists don’t have a proper answer yet. Read More

Nubra Valley - Located on the north-eastern side of Ladakh, Nubra Valley is actually quite famous for the incredible scenic beauty of nature. Apart from that, one can also experience the famous Shangri-La monastery here. Many scholars time and again have claimed that earlier the name of this place was Ldumra which also means the valley of flowers. Read More

Events and festivals in & around Nyoma 

Losar - This festival is quite famous in Tibetan Buddhism. It marks the beginning of the first day of the New Year and is generally celebrated at various places depending upon the fluctuations in the dates. What’s more amazing to know is that this festival even predated Buddhism and its roots lie in a winter incense-burning custom relating to the Bon religion. Read More

Sindhu Darshan - The Sindhu Darshan Festival is held on a full-moon day. It is celebrated for a total time period of around three days and was started in the year 1997 sometime in the month of October. For anyone who is interested in spirituality, this festival is a must-visit. 

Tak Tok Festival - The Tak Tok Festival is celebrated in the month of July and August on the 10th day of the Lunar calendar drawing a great number of devotees. Moreover, it is believed that people who take part in this festival are protected from any evil thing which they might come across in their life. 

Best time to visit Nyoma

The months from September to May is the best time to visit Nyoma. These months are quite ideal for the purpose of sightseeing as compared to any other time.

Food and Clothing of Nyoma, Leh

Leh, Ladakh is a place which is typically known for its scrumptious dishes. Here, one can find some of the most lip-smacking foods like Tigmo, Saag, Butter Tea, Thupka, Momos, Mokthuk, etc. Coming on to the clothing, the Ladakhi men traditionally wear a thick woollen robe known as Goucha. This robe is tied and then fastened at the neck and waist with a very colourful sash known as Skerag in which the men here carry their small essentials required for the Ladakhi life. On the other hand, the womenfolk also wear a robe known as Kuntop. 

How to reach Nyoma

By Air. The closest airport is the Leh airport which is situated at a distance of around 167 km from Nyoma. This airport has good connectivity with other major and nearby cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata etc. After you deboard the flight, you will need to hire some sort of transportation to reach Nyoma as it is further situated at a distance of around 3 hrs. 

By Road. You can surely consider visiting Nyoma via road. Now, what can be really great at exploring the mountains via immense and never-ending roads? You can reach this place by Delhi, Chandigarh, Himachal, Uttarakhand etc. The distance via road from these places to Nyoma is around 26 hrs, 22 hrs, 21 hrs, 31 hrs. The best route would be to take the Leh Manali highway to reach this place. 

By Train. The nearest railway station is Kathua. If you are planning to visit Nyoma by train then it will make the whole travelling experience quite smooth for the travellers. It has overall good connectivity with other nearby and major cities like  Delhi, Pune, Mumbai etc. After you deboard the train, you would still need to cover a distance of around 350 km to reach here. For this purpose, you can avail a cab or some other means of transportation.

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