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A city in the state of Karnataka is Udupi which is headquarters for the Udupi district. In the state, the city is one of top-most tourist destinations and people are always up for exploring the destination every time they visit the state. The Krishna Temple of the city is extremely famous, and the place is know for it. The Udupi cuisine is known nationwide in different cities and are of India. It is a pilgrimage site having lot of ancient and valuable temples and centers. Udupi is also known as Rajata Peetha because of the number of temples in the city. Udupi is close to the industrial city of Mangalore and is a bit far from the capital city.

 NH66 is the national highway which passes through Udupi. The nearest harbor or port to Udupi is around 5 kms from the city. The railways of Udupi are managed by the Konkan railways and is just 4 kms far from the city. The trains are majorly connected to all the main cities of the nation.

Source: Viewzone Kannada

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