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Mangalore is a major port city of the state of Karnataka in India. It is between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea and is some 353 km from the capital city of the state. It is the second largest and smart city of the state after Bangalore which is the capital. It is known to be the gateway of Karnataka. The city became a port of Arabian sea in ancient times and soon it became a major seaport of the nation. The major exports of coffee and cashew take place from the city only. It is one of the most multicultural cities in India.

Places to visit in Mangalore

Kudroli Goraknath Temple

Built by Sri Narayan Guru, the Kudroli Goraknath Temple carries an amazing charm and spiritual significance! What is somewhat interesting to know about this place is the fact that Sri Narayan Guru himself was prohibited to visit any other temple in the area.

Panambur Beach

The Panambur beach is one of the most loved, pristine as well as one of the cleanest beaches in the city. And if you ever visit this place then you will definitely be in love with the clear blue skies, the damp sand. And perhaps the most interesting part about this festival would be the beach which holds a kite festival.

Kadri Manjunatha Temple

This temple was built in the year of 1068 as a Buddhist landmark. The temple is situated at the base of the Kadri Hills. And here the idol of reverence and the chief deity is Manjunatha.

Things to do in Mangalore

Visit Kadri Hill Park

This park is one of the largest parks situated within the city limits of the Mangalore. This is just the ideal location for the families who are looking for a place to spending quality time together.

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The Sultan’s Battery

Built in the year of 1784, the Sultan’s battery is considered to be the last remnant of the fierce as well as the majestic Tipu Sultan. This place was built specifically using black stones for the purpose of obstructing warships from entering the river as this was one of the major routes which the Britishers used to enter the river.

St. Aloysius College Chapel

This church is situated in the very heart of the city and is also a significant part of St. Aloysius College. This church was built by Jesuit Missionaries in the year of 1880. Painted by an Italian Jesuit Antonio Mocsheni in the year of 1899 this place a stunning frescos present on its walls.

Events and festivals in & around Mangalore


Dussehra is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm in the entire country. However, in Mangalore, this festival is celebrated with somewhat an extra touch of enthusiasm. Read more...

Sri Krishna Janmashtami

The Sri Krishna Janmashtami in Mangalore witnesses a very invigorating enactment of Lord Krishna’s childhood playfulness such as his endeavours on stealing butter and curd from the earthen pots which were essentially kept beyond his reach. And purposefully for this enactment, the young men who form human pyramids for the purpose of trying reaching for the pot and then eventually break the pot.

The Aati Festival

Now this is one of those festivals which is celebrated with great zeal in Mangalore. On this festival, there is an amazing ritualistic folk dance which is performed by the Nalke community.

Best time to visit Mangalore

The best time to especially visit Mangalore is from the months of September and April. Here the temperature does not exceed the limit of 30 degrees. Moreover, the humidity is also quite minimal making the overall weather to be quite pleasant.

How to reach Mangalore?

By Air – If you are planning a trip to Mangalore then you would be happy to know that this place has its own airport situated at a distance of 15 km from the main city centre.

By Road – There are many state and private buses which connect the city of Mangalore with other main cities. Furthermore, travelling by bus will prove to be one of the cheapest ways to commute to Mangalore.

By Train – The Mangalore Junction Railway Station connects it with many other major cities like Mumbai, Chennai, and Bangalore, etc.

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