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The Karnataka state is the gift to India. Such geographic alignment bestows an abundant number of natural resources while dreamy spectacle which says the Panchayat town is blessed with Tunga river surrounded by thick forestry. Not only that, it has been a favourite place to many renowned scholars of India while many international tourists feel “close to nature”. Once, you are in a beautiful state of Karnataka, Thirthahalli in Shimoga should be in your itinerary list. 

Places to visit in Thirthahalli

Sri Rameshwara Temple

This sanctum sanctorum of the thirthahalli is something that will take you to the serene world. The Shiva Lingam of the temple is one interesting thing that pulls you to see the mesmerizing story behind it. 

Kavaledurga Fort

This fort was built in the 9th century and was found with several past traces which are shown to the fort itself. Visiting kavalendru Fort can be an educating experience for you while you get woo with the architecture of the gone era.

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Things to do in Thirthahalli

Trek towards Siddeshwara Gudda

Get the replenish experience while you are trekking towards Siddeshwara Gudda which is situated on Thirthahalli to Agumbe road. The peak lets you discover the whole town in just a snap of a view and know how beautifully the town has been structured.

Anandgiri Gudda

Another peak that owns the capacity to mesmerize you while giving a view to the beautiful Thirthahalli of Shimoga. If you start trekking in the morning, probably you can catch beautiful scenery midst beautiful environment.

Events & Festivals in/around Thirthahalli

Karaga Festival

The magnificent festival is dedicated to the Goddess Shakti who represents the strength and power of women. This is basically observed in the month of March-April. The nine-day celebration begins with the procession of the goddess from Dharmaraja Swami Temple


The festival held in different parts of Bangalore and runs for some ten days. You will see artists from all around the world and pumping up the vibe of the festival. Apart from musical show, you can also explore exhibitions on handicrafts of Karnataka and many more.

Best time to visit Thirthahalli

The Thirthahalli is one of the important Panchayat towns of the Shimoga district which directly hails from the beauty of nature. Though, karnataka is known for its humid weather condition, make sure you are planning your trip during winters. Such is the time when pleasant weather compliment the nature of Thirthahalli. 

How to reach Thirthahalli?

  • Air- The nearest airport is Mangalore International Airport. After landing at the airport, it will take around 3 hours to reach Thirthahalli. The airport is well-equipped with buses, taxis and cabs.
  • Rail- The nearest railway stations are Anandapuram Railway Station, Kenchanala Halt Railway Station, and Arasalu. 
  • Commuting within Shimoga- Shimoga District is one of the significant districts of Karnataka which is well-connected to other regions of the state. So, you will not have any problem to catching buses or taxis to roam within Shimoga and explore the wonders of the place.

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