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Kurukshetra has a whole lot importance in the history as it is a holy city of the state of Haryana. It is also known as ‘Land of Bhagwat Gita’, the holy book of Hindus. The epic Mahabharata revolved around Kurukshetra which is named after the King Kuru who was the ancestor of Kauravas and Pandavas as depicted in the epic. Also, the huge Kurukshetra war of Mahabharata was fought on this land when Bhagwat Gita was preached. There can be no other holy place with such great significance and history mainly for the Hindu devotees who have grown up hearing the stories of Mahabharata. According to ancient texts, Kurukshetra is not a city but a region of Lords and Kings. It is a Hindu pilgrimage which ahs immense importance and a lot of devotees visit here to see the temples, pilgrimage centers and holy sites.

The city is well connected to Delhi as well as Chandigarh. Delhi is only 160 kms from there and Chandigarh which is the nearest airport is only 80 kms from the city. There are railway stations and roads connected to the city as well.


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