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In the state of Arunachal Pradesh, a splendidly beautiful town Ziro is sited in the district of Lower Subansiri. It is a census town and is also listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site which is enough to attract people to this valley. It is one of the oldest towns of the state and is the district headquarters as well. Everything in this town is a major tourist attraction, pine-clad hills and rice fields being few of them. It is home to the main Apatani tribe which are also the organizers of one of the most popular music festivals known as the Ziro music festival.

Places to visit in Ziro

Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

Spreads over a range of 337 sq. km. of land and stands among the significant tourist’s spot. Enjoy the wonderful forests, there is less human intervention and explore the rare species and a wide range of flora and fauna can be observed. Numerous trees like Silver fir trees, orchids, amazing varieties of bamboo and ferns are the trees can be explored here.

Meghna Cave Temple

When you visit Ziro, you can’t miss visiting the Meghna Cave Temple, as the temple was constructed around 5000 years ago and then rediscovered in 1962. Explore the majestic view of the surroundings, lush green forests, keep your eyes brimming with immense beauty. Just take your camera get set to collect the unforgettable memoirs.

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Kile Pakho

Located just 7 km, away from the Old Ziro, the destination is actually a treat to the eyes of the visitors as it has overwhelming scenic beauty to offer. One can climb on the ridge and view the Ziro’s plateau and Himalayan mountains nestled in the snow.

Ziro Puto

It’s a hillock and this place is known for the establishment of India’s first independent administrative centre. Alongside, also famous as Army Puto, the army cantonment was built here in 1960s. Appreciate the beautiful views of Apatani plateau from the hillock.

Things to do in Ziro

  • Tarin fish farm - Enjoy the Ngihi fishes and rice cultivation.
  • Hapoli market – see the unusual items and taste the local cuisine.
  • District Museum – Watch the cultural artefacts of the Apatani people.

Events and festivals in & around Ziro

Ziro Music Festival

This world popular music festival was started in 2012 by Bobby Hano and Anup Kutty and the team has a long list of names now. The festival became popular because of its originality and also because of the location it was organized in. Read more…

Torgya Monastery Festival

It is a monastic festival mainly which happens at the Tawang Monastery and is full of rich colors and brightness all around. It is a three days long festival and people enjoy every bit of the festival. It starts with reciting of prayers and Monastic dances and is celebrated in order to kill the evil spirits and seek blessings and prosperity for loved ones and crops. Read more…

Best time to visit Ziro

Winters: the best time to visit is October and March, quite suitable to visit Ziro.

How to reach Ziro?

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