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Jodhpur is a beautiful traditional city in the state of Rajasthan, also known as the 'Blue City of India' because of the blue coloured houses all around the Mehrangarh Fort. The unique, ground to earth and very delicate culture of the city makes people go all crazy and the memories made here stays with them forever. It is the second-largest city in the state of Rajasthan having so much to offer to its tourists along with a lifetime experience of its own. It is also the second metropolitan city of the state. The amazing picturesque desert locations, the grand palaces, forts are just to name a few, Jodhpur is a fantastic tourist location. The landscape of the Thar desert is to die for. The reddish-brown city looks radiant in all seasons. The city is in somewhat centre of the state which makes it a convenient tourist hub for people to travel in and around.

Places to visit around Jodhpur

Mehrangarh Fort

There is no doubt in the fact that you should be visiting this amazing fort for the historical brilliance which this place has to offer to its people. Moreover, what is really interesting to know about this place is the fact that it is one of the biggest forts in India and stands at a height of around 400 feet above the city.

Jaswant Thada

This place was built in the memory of Maharaj Jaswant Singh. There is simply no doubt in the fact that the beauty of this place is simply enchanting. And for anyone who is looking for a mesmerizing travel experience then it is one of the best options worth visiting.

Mandore Gardens

The Mandore Gardens is one of the most beautiful and warm places to visit with your loved ones. This location can be an ideal one for a picnic spot. Owing to the statues present here this place is no less than an architectural wonder.

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Things to do in Jodhpur

Kailana Lake

This is basically an artificial lake which was constructed in the year of 1872 by Pratap Singh. This lake is one of the most frequented places which you can visit with your loved ones and experience the charm of this brilliant tourist spot.

Rao Jodha Rock Desert Park

This place was constructed in the year of 2006. The aim of this park was to particularly restore the overall rocky area which was near the fort. It is a huge park which is located in an area spanning 200 acres at the very foot of the immense Mehrangarh Fort.

Clock Tower

It is one of the famous landmarks of the city. This tower was constructed between the years of 1880 and 1911 which were the tenure period of the Maharaja Sardar Singh. From here, you can have an immense 360-degree view of the natural beauty lying down there.  

Events and festivals in & around Jodhpur

Winter Festival

This festival acts as an ode to the rich culture as well as the tradition of the Rajasthan. This festival continues for a period of three days having a lot of space for warmth and affection of the land. For anyone, the joyous vibe of this festival is out and out amazing to experience. Read more...

The World Music Festival

This is basically a cultural event which is held at the Udaipur city in the state of Rajasthan. In this festival, you can see a considerable amount of artists from across the world who come here to perform. And thus, owing to all this, the World Music Festival becomes a must attend. Read more...

The Kalbelia Dance Festival

This dance festival fundamentally marks the beginning of a joyful event which is a very significant part of the Kalbelia culture. Moreover, it is their occupation of trading around with snake venom along with catching the snakes has been responsible for giving them a title of Jogira. Read more...

Best time to visit Jodhpur

The months from October to March are the best times to visit the city of Jodhpur. This timeline is great for exploring and sightseeing.

How to reach Jodhpur?

By Air - The best thing about this is that Jodhpur has got its own domestic airport which is located at a distance of 5 kilometres from the main city. From there, you can easily get a cab or a bus to reach your destination.

By Road - The overall connectivity via road network is quite great. So, if you are planning to visit Jodhpur via road then it would be a convenient experience for you.

By Train - Jodhpur is connected quite well via train network with other major cities. So, if you are planning to travel via train then not just it would be affordable but also would be convenient for you.

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