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In the Maharashtra state of India, lies a big city named Aurangabad which is a hub for tourism and vacation. It has so many historical monuments such as the Ellora Caves and the Ajanta Caves, one would have definitely heard of it. There are some more UNESCO World Heritage Sites apart from the Caves which are worth seeing. The name Aurangabad came when in 1653 Mughal prince Aurangzeb was made the viceroy of the Deccan. The city became a part of Maharashtra state in 1960 after being a city in the Hyderabad state for a long time. The city is a major producer of silk and cotton textiles. The famous Paithani sarees are also made in Aurangabad which is a highlight for people. The city is one of the most balanced industrialized cities and has shown the results of great efforts over the years.

It is really easy to reach Aurangabad city in the state of Maharashtra. People can conveniently travel to the city from any part of the country through air, road or railways. Aurangabad airport is the one serving the city and connecting people to other major cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore etc. Aurangabad railway station is the main station which can connect to all major cities in India easily.


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