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Visiting Ooty is such a phenomenal experience in itself. In the Tamil Nadu region, Ooty is one of the most popular and quintessential hill stations to explore. And is a must-visit for all the hill lovers. Ooty is also famous with various names and is considered as one of the dream destinations for everyone in India. Exploring the gorgeous lakes, dams, gardens and many other historical places is truly quite an amazing experience for anyone.

Places to visit in Ooty

Nilgiri Moutain Railway

Visiting this place you will feel so happy and so excited that the feeling cannot be described in words. The toy train here covers an area of around 46 km in a span of around 5 hours. 

Ooty Lake

The vastness of the skies and the wide expanse of the waters simply stole my heart. Standing there, you will feel as if you may be watching some dream-like scenario. Everything ranging from the boats, the trees to the mountains standing tall in the backdrop of the picturesque view will simply mesmerize your soul. In the end, it is a place worth travelling and worth remembering.

Ooty Botanical Gardens

The botanical gardens in Ooty are one of the most interesting places which you could visit. Yes, the truly mesmerizing aura of this place is so enchanting that it will simply blow away your mind. The Italian garden here was laid down by the prisoners of war from the 1st world war. And knowing such incredible facts about the Ooty Botanical Gardens will make you realise that there is just so much to explore about in our country. 

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Things to do in Ooty

Thread Garden Ooty

This place has one of the largest and also the best collection of artificial flowers. The mastermind behind this place was Mr. Amthony Joseph who took 12 years of time to convert this place into a reality. This place was covered in natural flora and also has been termed as the “Millenium Miracle”. One can see a lot of foreign faces from various countries if and when you visit here.

Visit Emerald Lake

The Emerald lake is located in a region which is also known by the name of the “Silent Valley”. Feeding the fish who had gathered along the banks is something of an experience which you will perhaps, never forget. It is exciting to watch them gobble up the entire food. After that, the best thing for you would be to just sit under a tree and have some alone time and see the birds. If you are a bird lover then visiting this place would be a heavenly experience for you.

Events and festivals in & around Ooty

Dhanu Yatra

The Dhanu Yatra is a drama based theatrical performance which takes place in Bargah. This place is the largest open-air theatres in the world. It also has been named in the Guinness Books Of World Records for the same. Watching this depiction of Krishna’s story is truly a spiritual experience for any person. Read More..

Puri Beach Festival

The Puri Festival is celebrated in the month of November on an yearly basis for a period of five days. During this time, there is always a delightful celebration in which people participate with great enthusiasm. It is all about showcasing the cultural heritage of Orissa. Read More..

Best time to visit Ooty 

The best time to visit Ooty would be from the month of October to June. During these months the temperature remains at around 25 degrees. However, I had visited Ooty during the summertime and found the weather to be quite okay during that time as well. 

How to reach Ooty? 

By Air - The nearest airport is in Coimbatore which is located at an approx distance of 88 km. From there, you would need to get some sort of transportation like a cab to reach your destination.

By Road - I had driven all the way down to Ooty. And the best part which I found during my trip was the beautiful sceneries which I came across during my way.  

By Train -The nearest railhead is the Mettupalayam. From there, you will need to either hail a cab or some other means of transportation to reach your desired destination. 

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