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Best Desert Safari Dubai

Best Desert Safari In Dubai : Through An Exhilarating Desert Safari Experience

Dubai is a city that epitomises the perfect blend of luxury, innovation, and rich cultural heritage. Known as the "City of Gold," Dubai offers an opulent and diverse lifestyle. With its majestic skyscrapers, iconic landmarks, bustling waterfronts, and vibrant souks, Dubai mesmerises and enchants visitors like no other destination.

Amidst this modern metropolis lies an unforgettable experience that sets it apart—the Desert Safari Dubai. Just a few miles away from the city, you will find yourself immersed in a world of golden sand dunes, where you can embark on a thrilling journey of dune bashing, camel rides, traditional entertainment, and the enchanting atmosphere of a desert camp. The Desert Safari allows you to witness the remarkable contrast between the city's cosmopolitan ambience and the serene beauty of the Arabian Desert, creating a unique and unforgettable adventure that showcases the best of this remarkable city.

A Quick Handbook on Desert Safari Dubai

Desert Safari is a thrilling and immersive adventure in the vast deserts of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to enjoy the stunning desert scenery and various adrenaline-pumping pursuits.

Let us begin our captivating expedition to explore Desert Safari Dubai and reveal the mysteries behind crafting an unforgettable experience that will remain etched in your memory forever.

  • Desert Safari Locations
  • Types Of Desert Safari Tours
  • Best Time To Visit A Dubai Desert Safari
  • What To Wear
  • Desert Safari Dubai Timings
  • Desert Safari Dubai Prices
  • Desert Safari Dubai Inclusions
  • Desert Safari Dubai Activities

1. Desert Safari Adventure Locations

Dubai is well-known for its thrilling desert safaris, and the city provides several great locations for these excursions. Here is a list of some popular desert safari adventure locations in and around Dubai:

  • Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

A protected area presenting a pristine desert scenery, the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is located around one hour drive from the city. You may go dune bashing, ride camels, watch falconry shows, and meet wild Arabian gazelles and oryx in this area.

  • Lahbab Desert

The Lahbab Desert, just outside of Dubai, is famous for its breathtaking red dunes, which provide great hiking and other outdoor activities. Take a hot air balloon flight for a bird's-eye view of the desert, or go dune bashing, sandboarding, or quad biking.

  • Al Faya Desert

The Al Faya Desert, not far from Hatta, is known for its beautiful sand dunes and wide open spaces. Activities like dune bashing, desert treks, and sunset photography are more peaceful and private here.

  • Al Awir Desert

The Al Awir Desert is a popular place for desert tours because of its location just outside of Dubai. It combines exciting activities like dune bashing, sandboarding, and quad biking with authentic Bedouin-style camps, where visitors may participate in cultural activities and feast on a great BBQ.

  • Margham Desert

The Margham Desert is a large desert area to the southeast of Dubai, famous for its towering sand dunes. Visitors can go dune bashing, ride a camel, watch a falconry performance, or gaze at the stars at this spot.

2. Types Of Desert Safari Tours

In Dubai, visitors can choose from various desert safari tours tailored to meet individual preferences and interests. Some popular options are:

  • Morning Desert Safari

The morning desert safari typically begins quite early in the morning, making it an excellent option for those who would rather have an experience that is both cooler and more peaceful. Participants will have a delectable breakfast at the desert camp after engaging in fun pursuits such as sandboarding, camel riding, and dune bashing.

  • Evening Desert Safari

The Evening Desert Safari Dubai is a quintessential experience that takes you on an exhilarating journey through the stunning desert landscape as the sun begins to set. It typically starts in the afternoon and includes dune bashing, camel riding, sandboarding, henna painting, traditional Arabic entertainment like belly dancing and Tanoura dance, and a delicious BBQ dinner at a desert camp.

  • Overnight Desert Safari

Spending the night beneath the starry desert sky is one of the highlights of the overnight desert safari, which gives you a really immersive experience. It includes all of the activities included in an evening desert safari and additional experiences such as a campfire, stargazing, sleeping in traditional Bedouin-style tents, and a substantial breakfast in the morning.

  • Private Desert Safari

If you prefer a more personalised experience, you can opt for a private desert safari. This allows you to participate in all of the activities and amenities typically included in a desert safari, but with a vehicle and guide explicitly reserved for your group.

  • Luxury Desert Safari

Luxury desert safaris provide premium services and amenities to guests, catering to those looking for a more opulent experience. They frequently include VIP transportation, alternatives for gourmet eating, special entertainment events, and supplementary activities like falconry shows or quad biking.

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3. Best Time to Visit a Dubai Desert Safari

Visitors can experience the Best Desert Safari in Dubai, available around the year, with incredible discounts during the summer months of July and August. Although visiting the desert during peak summer may not offer the most comfortable conditions, it's a unique opportunity that should be noticed. While you may feel a bit sweaty, it has been assured that it is doable and worth it.

4. What to Wear

When getting ready for a Desert Safari in Dubai, it is essential to choose comfortable and appropriate attire to maximise the likelihood of having a positive experience. The following are some suggestions for appropriate attire:

  • Loose and lightweight clothing to maintain your cool in the scorching heat.
  • Long-sleeved shirts and pants to shield your skin from the harmful effects of the sun and any arid winds that may blow
  • Closed-toe shoes provide good support and protect your feet from the hot sand.
  • Sun hat and sunglasses protect yourself from the sun by wearing a wide-brimmed hat that covers your face and neck.
  • Scarf or shawl to cover your head or shoulders, especially during the daytime to protect against the sun.
  • Light jacket or sweater as the evenings get a bit cooler.

5. Desert Safari Dubai Timings

The timings of Desert Safari in Dubai may vary depending on the tour operator and the specific package you choose. However, most Dubai Safari tours occur between 4 and 9 in the evening. Here is a ballpark figure for typical durations:

  • Pickup from your hotel or designated meeting point: Usually between 3 PM and 4 PM.
  • Dune bashing and desert activities: Typically from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM.
  • Sunset watching: Usually around 6:30 PM to 7:00 PM.
  • Arrival at the desert camp: Approximately 7:00 PM to 7:30 PM.
  • Dinner and entertainment: Typically from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM.
  • Return to the hotel or drop-off location between 9:30 PM and 10:00 PM.
  • Note: Above mentioned timings are estimates that may change depending on the season, the tour company, and the itinerary.

6. Desert Safari Dubai Prices

Multiple reasons affect how much a Desert Safari in Dubai will set you back, such as the package you choose, the extras you add on, how long you go on the trip, and which tour company you go with. Some indicative price ranges are:

  • Standard Desert Safari. Prices can range from INR 3500 to INR 6000 per person.
  • Deluxe or Premium Desert Safari. Prices can range from INR 6000 to INR 10000 per person.
  • Private or Exclusive Desert Safari. Prices can range from INR 12000 to INR 25000 per person.
  • Note: The pricing is subject to fluctuations depending on several factors, such as what is included in the Dubai Safari packages (such as dune bashing, camel rides, dinner, and entertainment), the standard of the desert camp, the availability of optional extras (such as sand boarding or quad biking), and the popularity and standing of the tour company.

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7. Desert Safari Dubai Inclusions

The following inclusions are commonly provided in Desert Safari deals in Dubai:

  • Pick-up and drop-off: Transportation to and from your hotel or a specified meeting point will be provided.
  • Sunset watching: Taking in the breathtaking vistas of the setting sun over the desert landscape.
  • Refreshments: During the tour, there is complimentary water, soft drinks, and tea or coffee.
  • Traditional dress and photo opportunities: Dressing up in traditional Emirati attire for memorable photo moments.
  • Facilities at the desert camp: Access to restrooms, seating areas, and relaxation zones at the desert camp.

8. Desert Safari Dubai Activities

Here is the list of typical activities included in high-quality Desert Safaris in Dubai.

  • Dune Bashing

Dune Bashing is one of the key highlights of a desert safari. It involves driving in a 4x4 vehicle across the desert dunes, manoeuvring through the sandy terrain in an exhilarating off-road experience.

  • Camel Riding

Without a doubt, this experience is a must-do that should not be missed. As you mount the camel, feel the thrill of finding your balance as it gracefully rises, gently swaying forward and backwards as it adjusts its posture. While undoubtedly popular among tourists, riding a camel in Dubai is an iconic and unforgettable experience that truly encapsulates the essence of the region. So, when in Dubai, seize the opportunity to embark on this remarkable journey and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Sandboarding

Why not strap that board one more time and give it a shot. Regardless of your previous experience, the pace is not overly intense, so you can enjoy the thrill at your own pace. And even if you happen to take a tumble, the worst that can happen is finding fine desert sand in unexpected places – a minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of things.

  • Quad Biking

Quad Biking experience on Dubai Desert Safaris is an absolute must. Ride the ATV with unparalleled grace and sheer power as you immerse yourself in the stunning desert landscapes. This thrilling activity is a top choice among tourists in Dubai, offering you the chance to have an exhilarating sand-blazing escapade on your own terms.

  • Henna

Henna is a traditional Middle Eastern and Indian art form involving the application of natural ink in exquisite patterns on the hands and wrists. A stunning stained design remains after a drying time of approximately 30 minutes. Henna adds a touch of beauty and charm to your desert safari experience, making it a delightful activity worth exploring.

  • Shisha Smoking

The local tradition of shisha, also known as hookah pipes, is famous during your desert safari in Dubai. The pipes are filled with moist fruit-flavoured tobacco, creating a unique and enjoyable experience even for non-smokers like myself. Popular flavours like double apple or grape with mint tantalise the taste buds and offer a delightful sensation. \

  • Belly Dancing

Belly dancing is a captivating form of dance deeply rooted in Middle Eastern culture and will transport you to a world of rhythmic melodies and graceful movements. As the skilled belly dancer sways and shimmies to the enchanting music, you'll be captivated by the fluidity and elegance of their performance. Sit back, relax, and be enthralled by the hypnotic beauty of belly dancing, a highlight of the cultural entertainment offered at Dubai's desert camps.

  • Arabic BBQ

Delight your taste buds with the mouth-watering flavours of Arabic BBQ during your Desert Safari in Dubai. Enjoy the culinary experience showcasing the region's rich and aromatic traditional cuisine. The lip-smacking aroma of grilled meats, marinated to perfection with a blend of aromatic spices, will tempt your senses. From succulent skewers of tender kebabs to juicy grilled chicken and lamb chops, the Arabic BBQ experience is a feast for meat lovers.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Desert Safari In Dubai

Q.1 What is a desert safari experience in Dubai?
A.1 A desert safari tour in Dubai is a popular tourist activity that allows visitors to enjoy the beautiful desert landscape that surrounds the city. It usually consists of a guided tour that takes you on an exciting and thrilling adventure over the desert dunes in a 4x4 vehicle.

Q.2 What are the popular desert safari operators in Dubai?
A.2 Several popular desert safari operators in Dubai offer a range of desert safari experiences. Some well-known operators are Arabian Adventures, Platinum Heritage, Rayna Tours, Dubai Desert Safari Tours, and Desert Safari Dubai.

Q.3 What activities are included in a typical desert safari in Dubai?
A.3 Some common activities included in a desert safari are dune bashing, camel riding, sandboarding, quad biking, a falconry display, and a traditional Bedouin camp experience.

Q.4 How long does a desert safari experience in Dubai usually last?
A.4 Depending on the package and included activities, a desert safari in Dubai might last anywhere from a few hours to a full day. However, most desert safaris, including travel time to and from your hotel, last up to 7 hours.

Q.5 Can children or families participate in desert safaris in Dubai?
A.5 Yes, children and families can definitely participate in desert safaris in Dubai. Desert safaris are popular among families, and many tour operators offer family-friendly packages and activities to ensure an enjoyable experience for all ages.

Q.6 Are there any age or health restrictions for desert safaris in Dubai?
A.6 Desert safaris in Dubai may have age and health requirements to ensure everyone's safety. The restrictions may change from one safari company to another and from one set of activities to another.

Q.7 Are there any specific clothing recommendations for desert safaris in Dubai?
A.7 Yes, there are specific clothing recommendations to consider for desert safaris in Dubai. Some suggestions to ensure your comfort and convenience during the experience are:

  • The desert can get quite hot during the day, so wearing loose, lightweight, and breathable clothing is recommended.
  • Donning a wide-brimmed hat or a cap protects your face and head from the sun. To prevent sunburn, apply sunscreen with a high SPF to any exposed skin.
  • Choose closed-toe shoes or sandals that are comfortable for walking in the sand and offer good support.
  • It can be useful to carry a scarf or a headscarf, especially for women, to protect your head, neck, or face from the blowing sand or the sun.

Q.8 Are meals or refreshments provided during desert safaris in Dubai?
A.8 Yes, meals and refreshments are typically provided during desert safaris in Dubai. The specifics may vary depending on the tour operator and the package you choose, but dinner, snacks, and refreshments are what you can generally expect.

Q.9 What are the views or attractions that can be seen during a desert safari in Dubai?
A.9 During a desert safari in Dubai, you can enjoy a variety of scenic views and attractions. Desert Dune, Flora and Fauna, Sunset, Bedouin Camp, Starry Night Sky, and Camel Caravans are some highlights.

Q.10 Are there any additional experiences or add-ons available for desert safaris in Dubai?
A.10 Yes, several additional experiences and add-ons are available for desert safaris in Dubai. These options allow you to customise your desert safari experience and enhance it further. Some common additional experiences or add-ons are overnight camping, hot air balloon rides, helicopter tours, sand skiing, and wildlife encounters.

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